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  1. yes , same for navy and air force
  2. my english are poor, i used red pen write some on picture, i hope can help some. i donot know how to translate about chinese rank, so i used with my understand to explain. yellow + star = general; red+ star = brigadier or colonel purple + star =colonel or lieutenant colonel blue + star = lieutenant colonel or major little blue + star = captain or lieutenant captain green + star = lieutenant captain or second lieutenant;
  3. these are not medal-ribbon bar. infact chinese PLA no ribbon bar after 1955. chinese even no medal grade after 1955. so chinese medal are very un-interesting for collect after 1955. these bar used for show officer 's rank and how long times for service at PLA.
  4. i got this badge with old photo, medals and cap . i am sure medals and cap are orginal. so i want ask:this badge is orginal too? never notice and collect NZ badge and medal, so donot know . anybody can help? thanks
  5. nice, i want got a uk general unifrom or shoulder boards or call tabs long time.
  6. I am chinese, donot know about UK. so want got help. on ebay , can found UK pilot wings as my show. but most of them are sweetheart brooch. i want ask: what size for real UK wings at WWI and WWII ? my mean is not sweetheart brooch. real used for pilot. same question for USA. and who can show a real USA wings about WW ii ?
  7. very nice!
  8. donot knwo who make this fake, all chinese market can found.
  9. very thanks, seems this captain is a hero.
  10. this is my first mini group out of china. i even donot know what are these medals. i buy a uk medals book, i hope i can found these on book. but if any boday can tell me will help more. my english not good. read english book is a huge work. i remember the old times at college.
  11. good collect .
  12. very nice,never saw it