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  1. donot tell me you are not know about Chinese people's Volunteer Army. 1950-1953 Chinese people's Volunteer Army had a war with United Nations Command.
  2. claretbaron

    Badges identification

    xin you zhong xiao xue = xin you zhong primary school = 6-12 years old childs study school
  3. claretbaron

    Type 56 (AK-47) Rifle

    can not help you. you question too diffcurt. most chinese can not know any about weapon, at china have a gun will got big trouble. policeman will happy, they are come up need your help. about product date. even at china, i think nobody can help you, because of only a few guys can read document about this, but where is the document? chinese product million and million guns, documents like a big hill, how to found?
  4. claretbaron

    China medal ?

    manchukuo medal
  5. claretbaron

    Chinese badges identification?

    never saw ,i think fake
  6. 1 green pen take out: what time used this boards? can show clear picture with two size ? 2 red pen take out: what time used? easy found at uk? is it uk or canada shoulder boards? donot know about uk, need help red pen take out one easy found at uk? how much? can help me buy a set of? thanks
  7. claretbaron

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    yes , same for navy and air force
  8. claretbaron

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    my english are poor, i used red pen write some on picture, i hope can help some. i donot know how to translate about chinese rank, so i used with my understand to explain. yellow + star = general; red+ star = brigadier or colonel purple + star =colonel or lieutenant colonel blue + star = lieutenant colonel or major little blue + star = captain or lieutenant captain green + star = lieutenant captain or second lieutenant;
  9. claretbaron

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    these are not medal-ribbon bar. infact chinese PLA no ribbon bar after 1955. chinese even no medal grade after 1955. so chinese medal are very un-interesting for collect after 1955. these bar used for show officer 's rank and how long times for service at PLA.
  10. i got this badge with old photo, medals and cap . i am sure medals and cap are orginal. so i want ask:this badge is orginal too? never notice and collect NZ badge and medal, so donot know . anybody can help? thanks
  11. nice, i want got a uk general unifrom or shoulder boards or call tabs long time.
  12. I am chinese, donot know about UK. so want got help. on ebay , can found UK pilot wings as my show. but most of them are sweetheart brooch. i want ask: what size for real UK wings at WWI and WWII ? my mean is not sweetheart brooch. real used for pilot. same question for USA. and who can show a real USA wings about WW ii ?