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  1. After a mere 11 months lets throw in a new picture. Probably a general from the former Netherlands East Indies Army.
  2. This is the Silver medal because the miniature picture shows a silver class medal. The picture of your great grandfather also point in this direction. Furthermore the Silver class was given much more than the Gold and Bronze one. Cheers Herman
  3. Yeah, in the enamelled medal departement the USA has a lot of ugly, over the top, garbage. The European orders are so much more classy. Well most of them. The newest ones are pretty poor aswell. Regards Herman
  4. Hello, it is called the Zilveren Eremedaille in de Orde van Oranje Nassau / Honor medal in Silver to the Order of Oranje Nassau. It is awarded without the swords as it is a non military award in this case. This class of the Order is no longer given. It was abolished in 1993 together with the Gold and Bronze class aswell. The class of Member replaces the three medals since then. To my knowledge there are no books containing any lists. You could contact the chancery of Dutch Orders in The Hague through their website www.lintjes.nl and ask your questions there. If you want to buy the large size medal, they sometimes appear on marktplaats.nl. They are not expensive. My grandfather was awarded the same medal, it was given back to the chancery at his death and I bought one on this site for around 50 euro. I hope this helps. Success and good luck, Herman
  5. Thanks for the answer christerd. Learned something today. Regards Herman
  6. What did a Fin have to do to get a Hindenburg cross? Serve in the German army of WW1? Oops, i forgot to mention: Great mini's..... I like the a lot. Herman
  7. Your Belgian VM is 100 % genuine. VC89 (Vincent) explains it perfectly. Regards Herman
  8. Wow, and even a wounded badge on a mini bar! That's a new one to me. Nice bars, Herman
  9. Here is a set which probably belonged to a Dutch soldier who served in the Dutch Princess Irene Brigade in WW2. This brigade fought in Northwest Europe in 1944-1945. As you can see he chose to wear his British Campaign stars. This was forbidden in the Dutch forces after WW2. Since the eighties of the last century most veterans are retired and started to wear them anyway. His medals are: Bronze Lion War Remembrance cross with 3 clasps Resistance Remembrance cross 1939-1945 star France and Germany star Defence Medal War medal 39-45 Unfortunately his name is lost in history.
  10. The other one is a Bavarian Military Merit Cross (Bayerische Militar Verdienst kreuz). I don'tknow the grade, but check the German topics in this forum. The White, blue and Black ribbon belongs to this award.
  11. It's a Croix de Guerre 1914 - 1918 and yes it is original