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  1. German Medal Group


    • FOR SALE

    For sale, a simple and honest German medal group of 5 medals. All original and mounted in the 1930-ties. The group consist of: - Iron Cross 2nd class 1914. 3 pieces, magnetic, no visible marks. - Silver Merit Medal 1914 of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. Marked on the reverse "Verdienst im Kriege" . This one is of real silver, no later war type of a different Metal. Unmarked. - Cross of Honor with swords. (Marked "Eibe" at the 12 o'clock reverse) - Hungarian WW1 Commemorative medal. Unmarked. - Bulgarian WW1 Commemorative medal. Unmarked. This group has not been tampered with. Everything is original. I will not go lower than the indicate price. The quoted postage is dependant on your home country. Within Europe it's the first figure for registered mail. USA is the middle figure and Australian the last.


  2. The first one is Ethiopian, the second one looks exactly the same as the first one on the third row. Only the Belgian Military Cross doesn't has a Commander/Grand Cross variation. No idea which order it must represent. Herman
  3. It's a ribbon for a different medal! The green stripe is too close to the edge. Check it with the correct ek2 ribbon to the left. Regards Herman
  4. Yes, so do I. I will replace the bars with some 'made in france' 30-ties bars. Any opinion about the brooch Bilco? Thanks and Regards, Herman
  5. Yes ! This picture was sent to me upon my request. It confirms my thoughts. Now I hope it's original. Herman
  6. Does this looks like a 30ties French product? The bars are original US stock. Herman
  7. Nice medals, Nick. Keep them coming.
  8. Gent, i'm no expert in this field, so I ask you the German medal experts, is this one genuine? Thanks in advance, Herman 2nd picture
  9. A Dutch miniature group. (Not in my possession). The owner retired as a Major General and Adjudant General to the King.
  10. Identification

    I'm sorry, but even then the ribbons are in the wrong order. The 1915 star is always before the BWM, which precedes the VM. This means that the IGS worn in a medalbar like this, always has a post WW1 campaign bar. Cheers Herman
  11. Identification

    He is wearing the 1915 star, ww1 war medal, victory medal, and the igsm. If you turn the ribbon bar around they are in the correct order. He wears them vice versa. So, for someone born in 1927 he wears some strange ribbons. Cheers Herman
  12. A nice example of the Commemorative medal of the Minister of Defence 3th class.
  13. How about this Dutch group. It has a Slovak campaign medal. Received in Uruzgan, Afghanistan in 2009. To put a face with the name. Meet General (Infantry) Peter van Uhm. This picture was taken at his retirement date.
  14. Simon, thanks for the explanation. It is more clear to me now. Now I just have to find the rest of his medals. Regards Herman