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  1. I agree, the Belgian option is more realistic. Regards Herman
  2. French made copies of the 1920ties
  3. It is a put together. No Special forces officer with the name Delaney received a silver star, let alone 9... 😂😂 Regards Herman
  4. Hi, I am enclosing a picture of the Dutch TMPT cross. It is an official Dutch medal since 1952. TMPT means: Two days Military Physical Endurance Trials (in Dutch: Tweedaagse Militaire Prestatie Tocht). When you pass the trials at the end of day 2 you are awarded this cross. The organiser of the trials and the issuer of this cross is the Dutch Reserve Officers Association (KVNRO). I am looking for fellow collectors with this cross in their collection. If you do, please post a nice detailed picture of it of the front and back. At the moment i am studying this cross, the variations, the different makers and its history. FYI. The first crossed were issued in the Netherlands in 1936 till 1939. In 1940 and 1941 a Netherlands East Indies version of te trials were held. After WW2 in 1955 the trials were restarted till now. Once a year the trials are held. The picture i enclose is a 1937 version from my own collection. Thanks in advance. Herman
  5. Herman

    Dutch TMPT cross

    Let's revive this old topic. @SGM97B, well done. Indeed you are one of the few US miltary to participate and succeed. I enclose a picture of one of my favorite medal sets. This set is from a Dutch Colonel who was the first to reach 25 succesfull participations. At this moment only ten people succeeded to reach this number and qualified for the red enamelled cross. Regards Herman
  6. Interesting topic. Any new finds?
  7. Herman

    Identify This Medal ,Please

    Some sort of an award medal of the American Legion, a US veteran organisation. On the US Militaria Forum you can find a big variéty of medals this organisation issued over the years. Cheers Herman
  8. It seems that Otto Skorzeny was awarded a Commanders grade of this Order for his action late 1944. His awards which were at his funeral in 1975 shows this Order. Regards Herman
  9. Congratulations. Which state. ? It's a well worn example. Regards Herman
  10. Thanks Bill for the effort and the information. Cheers Herman
  11. Laurentius is correct. It's the first type that existed till 1910ish. Regards Herman
  12. Your example isn't numbered. This ia always the case I think with original issued ones. Regards Herman
  13. What I meant to say was that they only used this ribbon and put a Czech officer grade attachment on top. I did not mean to say that this Belgian officer served on a Danish hospitalship or in a Danish unit. Just that the medal mounted used some different ribbon which looked close enough to use it.
  14. Hello Guy, I checked my pictures and the Internet, but nothing similar in the Belgian medals. Even the Belgian Red Cross medals do not have a match with this typical red and white variation. However I did find a match for the ribbon. It's an unexpected one but the ribbon of the Danish Korea medal is a match. See the pictures below. Regards Herman
  15. Well, then somebody used that Belgian ribbon to create a Czech White Lion on this ribbonbar. :-) Good luck with your search, Herman
  16. Could it be a Belgian Commemorative and/or Veterans Group/Society medal? They appear to be in this colour scheme.
  17. Hello hamilcar, A nice collection you bought. Only the medals with the full orange colour are Dutch. They are called the 'Trouwe dienst medaille' Loyal service medal. It is given to all Dutch military personell below the rank of officer. A bronze one is given for 12 years of service, a silver one for 24 years and a gold one for 36 years. The left one on the last picture is a Korean miniature medal for the Korean war given to military personell who served in the Korean war from 1950 - 1954. Cheers Herman
  18. Another Slowak medal in a Dutch group.