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  1. A recent medalbar....
  2. Herman

    Dutch TMPT cross

    Oké, just one more for the fun of it!
  3. Herman

    POW Medal ID

    British, French, Polish and three Belgian medals. Quite a collection. I think perhaps for someone who helped Allied pilots escaping to freedom?? Never saw the Polish medal though. Herman
  4. Herman

    Dutch TMPT cross

    How about this one hidden in a large group.
  5. Medalman90, Any info about the adriti cross? It's origins and where it was awarded for and by whom? Thanks in advance, Herman
  6. Herman


    KFOR means Kosovo Forces. So a German Kosovo medal with the bar KFOR, a NATO medal for the same operation with the bar NON ARTICLE 5 and a Danish KFOR Marching medal. The last one is an unofficial one i think. These medals were issued to a German soldier after a tour in Kosovo between 2002 and 2011. regards Herman
  7. Herman

    Yugoslavian UN Medals

    Yup, but now one with a Yougoslavian style ribbon. As i collect UN medals by type, i'm very interested i such a reribbonned medal from the sixties. Scarse i think. Herman
  8. Van Wielik from The Hague ('s Gravenhage in Dutch) is just the firm mounting the medal in the so called Prussian style, introduced in ny country around 1913 for the military. Civilians have the normal style of hanging below the ribbon. This is the way all are awarded including to the military aswell. (I received mine in 2008 for ISAF Afghanistan the same way). SFOR vets also received the NATO medal. In 2001 this was the 'former Yougoslavia' one. Herman
  9. Hi Jason, This medal was instituted in 2001 and has been given by the tenthousands now. The firm producing this medal is Van Veluw from Zeist, the Netherlands. They produce a lot of Dutch medals, badges, pins etc. They have an own website. I know that the scarser clasps are reproduced, but the medal is unconfirmed till now. An original medal is not expensive, so there is no real need to do this. The more scarses clasps are sometimes more valuable than the medal. Van Veluw does not hallmark this medal. Hallmarking stopped around 1990 for the campaign medals. I think the difference has something to do with the finish. Some are more shiny than others. Perhaps van Veluw has an answer when you contact them. Good luck, Herman
  10. Herman

    Dutch TMPT cross

    Yup, you have to train the bicycling, the obstacle course, navigating, shooting, grenade throwing and so on and on. But you don't have to be of Olympic standards. Give it a try I say. regards Herman Added a picture of a Dutch ribbon bar with the last ribbon being the TMPT.
  11. Hi friends, i throw in another picture to keep this thread sort of alive.... Enjoy, Herman
  12. No reaction so far on my request. The forumite of onderscheidingenforum are all stumped. Sorry, Herman
  13. Hi gents, Is this one OK? Any comments on this one...? Thanks in advance, Herman
  14. Herman

    Unknown medal

    The Oranje Nassau is a Dutch state order given by Royal Decree. A civilian division (with oak leaves between the arms) for civil merit to the Kingdom and a military division for military merit. The New Guinea cross was given for military service in the area in the 1950 -1960ties period.
  15. Herman

    Unknown medal

    Hello gents, Has anybody an idea which medal / order this is? Herman
  16. Herman

    Unknown medal

    Paul, I checked the Indonesian Air Force trail. Bingo ! Good tip ! Thanks. So it is a medal bar to a Dutch officer with the following medals: Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau with the swords (military division), a Dutch New Guinea Cross, (instituted 1962) a Dutch UN operations medal, (instituted 1979) an Officers cross XXX (30 years), (instituted 1866) Nijmegen four days marches cross for 25 participations, (instituted 1909) UN Medal with UNTSO ribbon (10 tours), (instituted 1950ties) UN Medal with UNDOF ribbon and an Indonesian Air Force Star ... class. Cheers Herman
  17. Herman

    Unknown medal

    Here we go
  18. I still love this topic and the drive of Jeff. Hope the search will be rewarded.. Herman
  19. Hi Paul, it is Dutch, but not the NSF medal or its predesessor. If you're ok with it, i can ask on the Dutch website www.onderscheidingenforum.nl Some real experts there. Regards Herman
  20. Army historian, could you make a topic of the Legionnaire who served in the Dutch Princess Irene Brigade with some pictures? Sounds very interesting! regards Herman
  21. Herman

    US Purple Heart Medal

    I received the AGO card through Red Bird research today. Great job of Lori Miller. Willie Royce was in K coy, 120th Infantry, 30th Division. He fought in France and was wounded on September 29, 1918. That day they breached the German Hindenburg line near Bellicourt. He received his PH on July 6th, 1940. Mystery solved.
  22. Hello, I recently acquired a Purple Heart issued under a 1938 contract by Metal Art. It has a bent slot brooch.. It is numbered 69820 and named to Willie L Royse. He was probably wounded in WW1 and issued a PH in the late thirties. Can anybody give me more info on this soldier. I shall try to upload some pictures. Regards and thanks Herman
  23. GM1, if what you say is true, that means that a lot of them are out there. I own several Belgian VMs and after checking them all not one of them has a open line in the ball. I go with the sawed open option i''m afraid. Quite a puzzle eeh?! Regards Herman