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  1. Let's revive this old topic.


    @SGM97B, well done. Indeed you are one of the few US miltary to participate and succeed. 


    I enclose a picture of one of my favorite medal sets. This set is from a Dutch Colonel who was the first to reach 25 succesfull participations. At this moment only ten people succeeded to reach this number and qualified for the red enamelled cross.






  2. Hello hamilcar,

    A nice collection you bought. Only the medals with the full orange colour are Dutch. They are called the 'Trouwe dienst medaille' Loyal service medal.

    It is given to all Dutch military personell below the rank of officer. A bronze one is given for 12 years of service, a silver one for 24 years and a gold one for 36 years.


    The left one on the last picture is a Korean miniature medal for the Korean war given to military personell who served in the Korean war from 1950 - 1954.




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