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    Collecting and Baying Serbian medals & orders as Kingdom of Yugoslavia .

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  1. A month ago at an auction I bought this empty rear box, for Karageorge first class still in good condition .but I was surprised that I didn't find any hallmark in side the box of the manufacturer !!! Some of my friends think is a FRANCE made some think is Swiss !! Can I have yours opinions pls ???k
  2. 922F I send the pictures to Blitz but I still waiting for answer ???
  3. Thx Hugh , what's value of this box ???
  4. Hi guys , anyone recognise this medal box ???
  5. Thx 922F but Who is Anti???
  6. Nothing in side the box Paul .
  7. Hi there, need help to identifying this medal boxes ???
  8. Hi Guys need a help What's this medal case for which Italian medal ???
  9. I believe this would be enough!!!
  10. Hi Alpha , I believe is Belgium manufactured I got similar 3 class a soon I back home I will take the pictures for you!!!
  11. How about thisone
  12. Try this one Paul.
  13. This guy from Bulgaria selling only crown from the Milosh the great , is this worth anything ???
  14. Hello friends how are you I recently ran into this unusual case of Takovo order I wanted to buy it but somebody was quick then me , does anyone know anything about ???
  15. Hi Medalklector , you're definitely correct Case is for Order of Karageorge 4 class little bit wear off but still can be used!!! Regards obi.