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  1. Hi Again It seems I have his name wrong it is Challen not Cullen I have managed to locate his service records, full name is Frederick Charles Challen. his MIC stated his second name starting with a J but should have been a C, hope that helps regards
  2. Hi Gordon thanks for the information will have a look at both regards C
  3. Hi all I have just started to look at adding QSA medals to my line of collecting and would like to know if there is a list of how many of each clasp was issued and if there was a list / record of how many issued to each regiment involved in the Boer War regards C
  4. Hello all I have a victory medal named Keyzor. D.J. to 18th Hussars that I am looking for help on what the following unit would be? 5th RCR, 11th RCR This person also served in the 10th Hussars, 18th Hussars, 13/18th Hussars, Tank Corps regards and thanks
  5. Hello I have Victory Medal that was awarded to a private who's service record states he was in the 6th Overseas University Co. CEF. I cant find any information relating to this unit, can anyone shed any light or information on this unit? regards Caz
  6. hello I am try to find the entry for a BEM awarded to Frederick James Cullen but can't seem to locate. He also served in the DLI, RE during WW1 if anyone can assist would be much appreciated regards and thanks inadvance C
  7. IGS - India General Service Medal LSGC - Long Service and Good Conduct Medal regards
  8. hello all i am trying to locate a gazette entry for a military medal awarded to Pattinson, William Pte, 35151 Highland Light Infantry also any other information regarding the awarding or person would be appreciated regards caz
  9. Hello I have just acquired a small group of US named medals, possibly from around Vietnam, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Airman's Medal, Air force Commendation Medal, all named as I am new to US medals can anyone assist in if I can research US medals regards and thanks Caz
  10. hello Nick thank you for that and the link kind regards Caz
  11. hello can anyone help with what this medal is and what country it is from regards and thanks Caz
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