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  1. IGS - India General Service Medal LSGC - Long Service and Good Conduct Medal regards
  2. hello Semper thank you for the help regards
  3. hello all i am trying to locate a gazette entry for a military medal awarded to Pattinson, William Pte, 35151 Highland Light Infantry also any other information regarding the awarding or person would be appreciated regards caz
  4. Hello I have just acquired a small group of US named medals, possibly from around Vietnam, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Airman's Medal, Air force Commendation Medal, all named as I am new to US medals can anyone assist in if I can research US medals regards and thanks Caz
  5. hello Nick thank you for that and the link kind regards Caz
  6. hello can anyone help with what this medal is and what country it is from regards and thanks Caz
  7. hello all thought I would share my first Metropolitan Police Victoria Jubilee Medal 1897 & Edward VII Coronation Medal 1902 PC E FOX A & D Divn Would anyone be able to tell me what the divisions are regards Caz
  8. cazack

    India Rank

    Hello I am trying to find out what the rank of "Jedmar" would be in the British army regards and thanks C
  9. cazack

    Where to buy medals in Dehli

    thank you all will let you know if i find anything
  10. cazack

    Where to buy medals in Dehli

    hello I am planning a trip to India later this year and would like to know if anyone knows any good places where i could buy medals regards and thanks C
  11. Hello I am looking to see if anyone ha any information on the 2nd Battalion H.A.C. I have a pair of medals to a Sgt who was wounded (GSW to head) on the 25.09.1915 at Hazebrouck, but I cant seem to find any information about the battalions order of battle at that time any assistance would be appreciated regards C
  12. the OG III was issued as part of a block of 500 OG III (Number range 401 - 500; 3001 - 3400) to the Independent Coastal Army on the 07 Feb 1944 and was Issued to Major P.F. Sukho
  13. Hello all Thought I would share some new Thai items I have been lucky enough to purchase. I can list several items but a few I am not sure of, anyone who can assistance with missing names would be appreciated photo 1 - Red cross 1st and 3rd class, Thailand Korea war, Chakra Mala Medal, others not 100%sure think medal next to Chakra Mala Medal is a order of the white elephant 7th class, others not sure photo 2 - Order of the White elephant 5th class, Order of The Crown 5th Class (on wrong ribbons and in German(?) style mount, King Rama IV coronation Medal, 2 x Border service medals, 1 x WW 2 Victory medal, other 2 not sure photo 3 - order of the white elephant, Grand Cordon Star (older version I think) photo 4 - Commemorative Medal of the Royal State Visits to the United States of America and Europe o H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej regards Caz
  14. cazack

    indian rank on medal

    thank you guys appreciated I have another rank that I am slightly puzzled with: Sep sub AT that's the rank on the medal, a General Service Medal (Naga Hills) to the Kumaon Rgt any ideas to what this is regard and thanks Caz