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  1. Hello As I have mentioned on another post I have been going through my collection and trying to sort it out and thought I would share some of the groups I have I know they are nothing special, but though would be nice to share (BWM, VM, GSM) - Hooper. G.W., Pte, 200976, R.A.M.C., Iraq (1914/15, BWM, ISM) - Windle. W.H., A/Cpl, 2241, R.A.M.C. (1914/15, BWM, VM, LSGC) - Anderson. J., Sgt, 25515, R.E (1914/15, BWM, VM, ISM) - Reed. J.B., Cpl, 30754, R.E. (BWM, VM, ISM, SCPM) - Clarke. W.F., Pte, 27483, South Wales Borderers (1914/15, BWM, VM, IGSM) - Morley. H.H., Cpl, 8935, Somerset Light Infantry, Afghanistan 1919 (BWM, VM, TWM) - Kitt. W.H. - Gnr, 128311, R.A. (1914/15, VM, ISM, SWB) - King. Gnr, 32520, R.A. Regards Caz
  2. Hello Mike thanks for the link will have a look kind regrds Caz
  3. Hello was going through and sorting out my medals and wanted to post my small collection of Victorian era medals Group: Berry. F., Pte, 124, R.A.M.C. (3 x Bars) also died of pneumonia (25.11.1918) QSA: Mains. W., Pte, 2913, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1st Battalion, (6 x Bars) Shelton. G.M., Pte, 8968, Royal Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, (4 x Bars) Nerthercott. W., Pte, 3913, Grenadier Guards, 3rd Battalion KSA: Chandler. T., Pte, 6805, Grenadier Guards, 3rd Battalion KS: Adler. C, Pte, 1586, Royal Sussex Regiment, 2nd Battalion regards Caz
  4. Hi Guys thanks for the advise, tried them both but just a mixture without any real results regars Caz
  5. hello I have brought my first 2 Jubilee medals PS E. West, V Div, no bar PC H Richards A Div, 1897 bar Can anyone tell me where A Div and V Div would be? And any further information would be appreciated on these 2 would be good
  6. Hello I have a service record for an officer and have noticed he was a disability listed P.U.O. Can anyone tell me what this stands for regards Caz
  7. Hello Simon thanks for that as well the link kind regards Caz
  8. Thought I would share a group that I have brought into my collection, it is a double OG III with both awards given 10 days apart and as you can see the numbers are almost 47,000 apart as well the higher numbered OG III was given first The 1st OG III was in the first instance recommended for a OGPW 1 so a big down grade for some reason regards
  9. cazack

    Thailand medals and orders finds

    Hello all just wanted share my newest additions to my Thai collection, the Order of White Elephant 2nd class female issue is something i HAVE NOT SEEN TO OFTEN Funny enough seems harder to find commemoration / Jubilee medals than orders so happy with newest additions regards
  10. Hello all just wanted to share my newest finds today in Bangkok lucky to find a Thailand issued UN Korea medal as well regards Caz
  11. thank you fr the info kind regards
  12. hello all I am trying to decipher the ship on this record card, the ships name is 4th on the list I thought it looked like Endevour, but I thought there was only HMS Endeavor in the 1700 any help would be appreciated regards
  13. Hello GreyC thank you for the information kind regards
  14. Hello I am looking to see if anyone can give any information on a St George cross 3rd class # 306.604 regards
  15. Hello all yes I fully understand all the points the information I have listed comes from the the official record book of OG III issues up to 31.12.1945. This book shows to what front, army, region, district each OG III was issued to for awarding form number 01 to 530.200, the file contains 67 pages In regards to reference in point 5 of all the OG III issued up to 31.12.1945 the 3,828 this is the balance of awards not actually awarded and carried over to the second volume record book starting 01.01.1946 to which almost another 500k would be added I have attached a page from the official book (scan copy of course) regards
  16. Not sure if anyone will find this interesting or not, but thought I would share some info about the OG III which I find interesting total OG III issued to fronts, units etc for awarding as 31.12.1945 - 503.240 highest number produced as 31.12.1945 - 530.200 last 3 OG III issued on 31.12.1945 - 517.643, 517.644, 82.234 total number of OG III issued / awarded as 31.12.1945 - 499.412 balance of OG III not awarded / issued as 31.12.1945 - 3,828 regards
  17. just wanted to share a OG III I have in my collected awarded to a recipient of the HSU Regards
  18. cazack

    indian rank on medals

    Hi Peter thanks for that, first time I have seen such a "rank" kind regards Caz
  19. cazack

    indian rank on medals

    Hello everyone can anyone help me with the following 2 ranks: PTLR (Artillery) SUP (Jat Regt) regards and thanks
  20. cazack


    in regards to the first star I can confirm 3rd class I will try and post a reverse of the second class when I have scanned it in regards to the star with the gilded center this was never issued officially, as all stars carried the same centers which where enameled or coloured never plain, the difference is the wording on the back 1st class is very hard to find, 3rd class is easier, 2nd also not common I am lucky enough to have 7 x 3rd class and 2 x 2nd class in my collection and there is sight variations between some of them hope this helps regards
  21. cazack

    indian rank on medals

    Hello everyone thank you for the feedback, I have another one for you all rank - "BARB" would this be barber? pic attached and thank you in advance regards Caz
  22. cazack

    Thailand medals and orders finds

    would you believe i found them at a street vendor around the Silom area amongst coins and medalions was a very lucky find, total cost was 4, 000 Bhat
  23. cazack

    Hallmarks ID Thai Orders

    hello again i have another hallmark / date if someone can help to ID / translate thank you in advance Caz
  24. Hello Guys just wanted to share my latest purchases of the Order of the Crown of Thailand 7th Class (Silver) 5th Class (Older version I think) 2nd Class (in Box of issue) issued 1994 (37/1) regards Caz