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  1. cazack

    Thailand medals and orders finds

    would you believe i found them at a street vendor around the Silom area amongst coins and medalions was a very lucky find, total cost was 4, 000 Bhat
  2. cazack

    Hallmarks ID Thai Orders

    hello again i have another hallmark / date if someone can help to ID / translate thank you in advance Caz
  3. Hello Guys just wanted to share my latest purchases of the Order of the Crown of Thailand 7th Class (Silver) 5th Class (Older version I think) 2nd Class (in Box of issue) issued 1994 (37/1) regards Caz
  4. Hello i am trying to see how many TFWM were awarded to the RGA Kind regards
  5. cazack


    Hello Paul thank you Kind regards Caz
  6. I suppose living in the UK WW 1 medals are not as high in prices as Canada. I have picked up BWM Canadian Units for around 25 - 35 pounds, but have seen prices constantly pushing up over the last few years. Yes agree that looking at a certain unit, battle etc is the best way forward (something i wish I had done years ago) as there are so many options to choose from. End of the day its about the enjoyment of researching the medal and its owners history if you can as often there are great suprises to be had Caz
  7. I have been now collecting WW 1 medals for about 5 years and have, mostly British. along with Indian, SA, NZ and Canadian. Prices are some times reflective on what country and where they come from regardless of the unit in regards to prices on Victory medals at the end of the day will come down to what you are willing to pay. Corps such as RAMC, ASC will cost less than a front line infantry regiment. When you start looking at Yeomanry, Hussars, Lancers and Tank corps prices jump Like most people who collect WW 1 medals your personal price limit will depend on what area you want to concentrate on as and what the market demands There are certainly bargains out there, but like most medals prices have been slowly increasing Caz
  8. Hi Dave I unscrewed the back plate but no hallmarks but then noticed on the pin with number 23, so I take it that will mean 1980 regards Caz
  9. cazack

    Hallmarks ID Thai Orders

    Hi Dave thanks for the information and insight kind regards Caz
  10. Hi Dave hallmarks on back regards and thanks Caz
  11. Just wanted to share two new Thai orders / Medals I found today The Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant Commander 3rd Class , in case, female issue Medal for Service Rendered in the Interior (Asia), missing top bar regards Caz
  12. cazack

    Order of the Crown of Thailand

    Hi Dave thanks for that, will keep away from that medal then kind regards Caz
  13. Hello all just wanted to share my newest addition to my collection Order of the Crown of Thailand 3rd class in case of issue complete with original ribbon also I am looking at another medal (photo attached0 not sure what it is if anyone can assist, it seems to be bronze with a full swivel suspension regards
  14. cazack

    Order of the Crown of Thailand

    Hi Dave cheers for that, how can you tell it is a copy? As i am still new to collecting thai medals regards
  15. Hello all I am going to Bangkok for a while for work and would like to know if anyone knows the best place to buy medals, be it Thai or any other military medal items regards and thanks Caz
  16. cazack

    buying medals bangkok

    Hi the one on the bottom left Dushdi Mala - Medal for Distinguished Services in Arts and Sciences (Silpa Vidhya), and the person I buy from is ex 30 year army vet, and all his medals seem legit regards Caz
  17. cazack

    buying medals bangkok

    Hi All well I have managed to find a seller in BKK who has some medals for sale, here is what I have managed to get so far regards Caz
  18. Hello I am trying to find out what fighting the 17th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers would have been involved around the 18th of April 1916 as I have a medal to a member of this battalion who was killed 18.04.1916 and is buried at the Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard, Laventie regards and thanks C
  19. cazack

    help to ID medals

    hello just wanted to see if anyone could identify these two medlas and what they would be awarded for regards C
  20. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    hello all thought I would share my newest find in regards to Myanmar medals This is the first time I have seen this medal, the translation on the pin bar reads " In Honour of Armed Forces Day" I have been told this is a very un common medal regards Caz
  21. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    just wanted to share my latest finds at the markets, found some interesting medals regards Caz
  22. cazack

    Nepal Medal Groups

    just thought I would share my first venture into Nepal medals I have brought 6 groups, will post first 4 here and get the other two up shortly regards
  23. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    in regards to the Sithmuhtan That medal the small strip means 5 years service for each stripe, the thick strip means 10 years service regards Caz
  24. cazack

    Erbil, Iraq markets and medals

    Hi all I maybe going to Erbil, Iraq with work for an extended period of tie and would like to know if there is the possibility of buying British medals at any markets or shops there, if so any assistance would be great regards and thanks Caz
  25. cazack

    Erbil, Iraq markets and medals

    hello are you talking Myanmar medals, what are you looking for? as I can supply the following: Good soldier medal / military service medal- $12Valouros Warrior Star - $20, these are hard to findgood public service medal with various dates -$10Public Service Medal for Long Service" with various dates - $10Public Service Medal for Long Service" in box of issue dated 2004 - $15 very rare to find in box, but I do have severalUnion of Myanmar State & Order Reasturation medal various dates $12Order of the star of revolution 2nd class - $100 only can get one, very hard to findOrder of the star of revolution 3rd class - $100 only can get one, very hard to findOrder for the golden Jubilee of the armed forces - $75 - only can get oneArmed Force Long & Faithfull Service - $15Mineyan Methawaw Taikypwe (also refer as Mongyoung Methawaw Battle Medal) - $20 very limited and hard to findCombat Medal 1988-1990 - $20 very limited and hard to findlet me know, postage will be DHL regards