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    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Just wanted to share a couple of new medals I found today The star I have been informed is a police medal, maybe for bravery and is dated 1987, the second is a Military Officers College / academy 50th Jubilee medal with the dates 1954 - 2004 I hope to have them translated tomorrow and will share if I can get this done C
  2. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Hi Paul yes info is very hard to find even in Myanmar not many people can correctly translate the back of the medals, nor tell you what they are given for. The large gold award is a golden jubilee award for the armed forces from 1945 - 1995. What is it given for still not sure, but have been told not vey common and normally given to higher ranking members of the military I am hoping to find a ex military serviceman who maybe able to help with some more info on Myanmar awards. Earlier dated awards such as the 1980's are also not as common as awards given in the 1990's on, and sounds like anything after 2000 is not dated as much regards C
  3. cazack


    The last star is a long service award, I have been told for 40 years service in the armed forces
  4. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Thought I would share my latest purchases, hope to find some more on my next visit I have also found out that there is different variations to a lot of the more common medals including any are dated for certain years, even for long service I have found 2 different variations of the Order of the Star of Revolution in both 2nd and 3rd classes regards C ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="705px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="1000px" height="705px">
  5. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Hello all please find my small but growing collection of Myanmar medal. I would also appreciate any assistance in identifying the awards. I have noticed that trying to buy awards in Myanmar is very mixed as there are a few basic medals displayed on market stall, but the higher end or better items are still very guarded and it takes a level of trust for them to be shown to you. If the seller trusts and likes you and you don't try and drive prices too low they will by all accounts try and get more for you on the next visit to them. I have even had a seller offer me three more Order of the Star of Revolution 3rd class which I am thinking of buying. In regards to the value of Myanmar is there any guide in regards to market value? regards and thanks C ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="793px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="562px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="572px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="404px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="793px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="404px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="572px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="562px" height="750px">
  6. cazack

    More Burma/Myanmar unknowns

    Thought I would share my first group of Myanmar medals. One is a group of three with the first one having what looks like a palm leaf attachment to it - any ideas what this would be for? I paid a total of $12 for all four and have the miniatures for the group of three which cost $1.00. I have seen lots of other medals in the markets but mostly without ribbons. If I manage to find and buy more will post C
  7. I have just received a victory medal to: 1019. DVR. Mohamed Khan. 107th Pack Battery I am just wanting to see where I could get more information on this unit as all I know is that it was and also became the 7th mountain battery. I am wanting to find out where the unit served during WW! regards and thanks in advance Caz
  8. Just wanted to share some of my Indian medal collection. I have just started collecting Indian medals and like the fact that a majority are numbered and named. I find that they are not as easy to find to buy as other countries, but maybe that will be some of the fun in collecting Indian medals Caz
  9. Hello Mark the medal is with a friend of mine in SA. Thank you for the information, very detailed kind regards and thanks Caz
  10. Hello all I am trying to research an IGSM 1936 - 39 Medal to confirm his clasp entitlement, can anyone assist me on the best place or way to do this the medal was awarded to: Lt. JAG. BUSS. 1 - 3 G.R Regards and thanks in advance
  11. Hello all I am just trying to see if there is a medal roll for British and South Africa troops for the Zulu Rebellion of 1906 as I am trying to check the entitlement of someone I am researching regards an thanks in advance Caz
  12. Hi Mike thanks for that. The reason I am enquiring is that on his South Africa Service Record it states he was involved in the Zulu Rebellion. I also have his medal roll for the Boer war in which he was in the Coldstream Guards. His SA units where the Natal Carbineers, 2nd and 6th S.A.I. and he served in both German South West and East Africa during WW1 so he may have been in a SA unit at the time regards and thanks Caz
  13. hello thank guys the person I am looking for is: William George Moscrop He served in the Coldstream Guards (1808) during the Boer War, then in the South African Army during WW 1 Regards and thanks Caz
  14. I have just received a Victory medal awarded to 3987, Sepoy Khanan, 52nd Sikh Regiment, then served in the 2/12th Sikh F.F. I noticed he was also awarded a GSM with Iraq as well Kurdistan Clasps the MIC also lists a GSM / India / 36 - 47what medal would this be? kind regards and thanks Caz
  15. Hi Paul for that, where can I access such a copy regards
  16. yes it is J.A.G. BUSS regards Caz
  17. my Son is in the NZ army and was present when this happened. He said it was not a planed event and just happened and he said never seen or felt anything like it. It is something that the Maori culture in the NZ forces that has such influences in moments like this
  18. Hi Mark If he was an officer you can get his service record, I would suggest to get the CSM researched first to confirm details on his rank then go from there cost on researching can vary, if you need help let me know Caz
  19. cazack

    Sainya Seva medal

    Hello Peter that would be great if you would not mind as would be interesting to see what he was involved in, regards Caz
  20. Hello Paul thanks for that, I was thinking the same regards and thanks Caz
  21. Hi I am looking to see if anyone can help me. I have just received a Victory medal named to the following: S - 18099, PTE. J.PATERSON. GORDONS I have searched both ancestry as well national archives and cant find his MIC if anyone can help with this would be appreciated regards and thanks in advance Caz
  22. cazack

    Indian Medals and small groups

    hello Larry (and Samir) thanks for your input and the information provided has answered my questions. Maybe it would be good to start a database of rank and unit abbreviations for post 1947 Indian medals Also does anyone know where you can buy Indian medal ribbons? again thanks to all for your help and assistance Caz
  23. cazack

    Indian Medals and small groups

    Hi Brian cheers for that, as mentioned I also have one with a rank DMT well if anyone does figure these out will also shout a beer and steak regards Caz