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    Indian Medals and small groups

    hi Brian thanks for that GS would make sense, I am still stumped with the rank though regards Caz
  2. cazack

    Indian Medals and small groups

    thanks for the feedback and replies I have couple of questions in regards to rank and unit abbreviations. I have a pair of medals (Paschimi Star, Sangram Medal) that was given to Singh. M, 27391 and lists his rank as MTD, unit is the IAF (Indian air force I take it. can anyone tell e what rank is MTD? Also I have a Sainya Seva Medal B & A Clasp stating the rank as DMT, Again any idea on the rank lastly I have a Special service medal, Suraksha clasp to a Sepoy, the unit abbreviation is G.S. what could this unit be kind regards and thanks in advance Caz
  3. thanks for the information. I take it is not a common naming with 107 battery on the medal then Also is there a way to research Indian troops fro WW1 as there only seems to be a few listed on ancestry kind regards and thanks Caz
  4. cazack

    Indian Medals and small groups

    yes they all are Suraksha Clasps awarded to the following: 44011443, Sepoy, Singh. G, SLI 15379543, SM, Singh. A.K. (no regiment on medal) 4569947, Sepoy, Suba. S, GC (not sure what unit GC is) IC - 43895, Major, Vknair. V.S., Artillery
  5. cazack

    Sainya Seva medal

    hello Brian thank you for your assistance and yes it seems an interesting field as my interest in the past has been Soviet and WW1 Will post some photos of what I have some time soon regards Caz
  6. cazack

    Sainya Seva medal

    I have just started collecting Indian post 1947 medals and are having trouble identifying the clasp of this Sainya Seva medal can anyone shred some light on what it is regards and thanks Caz
  7. thanks all for you help and thoughts, I am happy to keep the star may have to invest in books suggested by paul
  8. Hello I am wanting to find out if there is a medal roll listing the IDSM as I am trying to confirm that the following was awarded a IDSM 2479, Bakhsh, Sepoy, 1 / 69th Punjabis Regiment any help would be greatly appreciated regards Caz
  9. In regards to this maybe ww1 as I have his 1914 / 15 star if this helps regards Caz
  10. Hello all I am sort of new hear and one thing I am looking to do is compile a solid data base in regards to the order of glory 3rd class. at present I have just over 700 entrees in my data base which include the number of the award, date awarded and unit up to front names in a lot of the cases. I am just looking to see if anyone here can assist with any OG III data / information. I have seen that there was some OGIII data on this forum, just like to know if any more is out there regards and thanks cazack
  11. I a posting the research of a double Red Banner Group. What is special about this group is that I was able to find the second red banner from a collector in Australia, so was able to reunite them, so will continue to search for other missing awards. First Red Banner award sheet: Document pertaining to Order Red Banner #229.156 Information card Order Booklet No 511128 Last name : Ushakov Name and patronymic: Boris Vladimirovich Rank: Lt. Colonel Sex: Male Birth year: 1921 Birth place: Moscow Party membership: Member of the All-Union Communist party (Bolsheviks) since 1945 Education: High School Education Nationality: Russian Joined red army: 1940 Place of service and duty position at time of awarding: 17th Air Combat Army, 179th Guard Fighter Pilot regiment. Commander of the Air Squadron Place of service at current time: 17th Air Combat Army, 179th Guard Fighter Pilot Regiment. Commander of the Air Squadron Home address: Moscow, 112 Prolomnaya, 1a, apt. 3 Awards Award name Award number Document number Reason for awarding OGPW I 113.668 M / R 017112 Order #016 of the 3rd Guard Fighter Pilot Regiment of 28.10.1944 Order of Red Banner 229.156 M / R 893219 Order #044/N of the 5th Air Combat Army of 26.03.1945 Order of Red Banner 229.161 M / R 893268 Order #085/N of the 5th Air Combat Army of 23.05.1945 Order of Red Star 1.846.503 M / R 805732 Order #0125/N of the 5th Air Combat Army of 13.06.1945 OGPW II 553.176 M / R 805758 Order #0112/N of the 17th Air Combat Army of 29.08.1945 For Victory Over Germany G 014784 By Decree 09.05.1945 Liberation of Budapest A 002724 By Decree 09.06.1945 Capture of Vienna A 010981 By Decree 09.06.1945 Combat Service Medal Un - Numbered By Decree 15.11.1950 Order of Red Star 3.516.461 511128 By Decree 30.12.1956 Chairman of the Headquarters of the 179th Guard Fighter Pilot Regiment Guard Lt. Colonel Glazov 10 May 1946 Award sheet Order of the Red Banner # 229.156 Last name, name and patronymic : Ushakov, Boris Vladimirovich Rank : Guard Lieutenant Duty position and Unit: Unit Commander in the 177th Guard Fighter Aircraft Debretzensky Regiment, 14th Guard Fighter Aircraft Kirovgradsky Red Banner Division "Order Suvorov Second Degree", 3rd Guard Fighter Aircraft Yassky Corps Birth year: 1921 Nationality: Russian Party membership: not a party member In combat: has fought in the Great Patriotic War since 09/05/44, on the 2nd Ukrainian Front Wounds of Contusions: None In Red Army: 1940 Inducted by: staff Earlier Awards: Order "GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR 1st Degree" by the order of the 3rd Guard Fighter Aircraft Corps Permanent address: City of Moscow 112,1 Prolomna St, Apt. 3, mother - Ushakova Anna Aleksandrovna SHORT, SPECIFIC PRESENTATION OF THE PERSONAL BATTLE FEAT OR ACHIEVEMENT: On 10/24/44, he was awarded with the Order "GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR 1st Degree" for 37 successful flight missions, for taking down an ME-109 airplane, for the demolition of 1 steam engine and up to 30 soldiers and officers. After receiving the award, he performed 43 successful flight attack missions, as follows: 2 - as an escort of bomber planes, 29 - as a cover for the battle formations of ground troops, 10 - on a reconnaissance mission, 2 - on a "free hunt". Conducted 18 air battles during which he personally took down 3 enemy FW-190 airplanes. During his service as a unit commander, his unit conducted 75 flight missions, 12 air battles in which 5 enemy planes were taken down without crew member casualties. On 10/23/44, while performing the military task "free hunt", he encountered 4 FW-190s and attacked them as a result of which he personally took down 1 FW-190. The task was carried out perfectly. On 11/01.44, while covering for the ground troops as part of 4 LA-5 aircraft unit, he entered into battle with 6 FW-190 and as a result he personally took down 1 FW-190. On 12/22/44, while covering the ground troops with a passing bomb attack on the enemy troops and machinery and throwing bombs on a motorcar line, he flew down; hedgehopping took 2 motorcars by storm and demolished them. On 12/23/44, while covering the ground troops, he conducted passing bomb attacks on railroad stations. After the bomb attack, he was attacked by 6 FW-190 and 2 ME-109, during the air battle he personally took down 1 FW-190. The unit as a whole took down 4 enemy planes without any casualties. His brave actions, courage, and perfectly planned and executed air battles assured that he would achieve success in his battle operations. During his flight missions for reconnaissance of enemy troops and machinery he always performed his tasks successfully, supplied the commanding staff with valuable information about the enemy troops and machinery. Even when he was in difficult reconnaissance conditions under an enemy antiaircraft attack, he continued steadfastly ahead with his mission, never abandoning the leader, ready to assist at any moment, thus ensuring the success of any battle mission. For his excellent participation in battle, for his courage and bravery, for 43 successful flight missions, for personally taking down 3 FW-190 enemy planes, he merits the Government Award with the Order "RED BANNER" COMMANDER of the 2nd Aircraft Squadron 177th Guard Fighter Aircraft (Debretzensky Regiment) Guard Senior Lieutenant Mal'tzev 11 February 1945 For the courage and bravery shown during the battles with the German occupators, for the 43 successful flight missions, for personally taking down 3 FW-190s, he merits the Government Award of Order "RED BANNER" COMMANDER OF THE 177th GUARD FIGHTER AIRCRAFT DEBRETZENSKY REGIMENT GUARD MAJOR UGROBATOV 12 February 1945 He merits the government award of Order "RED BANNER" COMMANDER OF THE 14th GUARD FIGHTER KIROVGRAD RED BANNER AIRCRAFT DIVISION “ORDER SUVOROV" GUARD COLONEL YUDAKOV 14 February 1945 He MERITS the Government Award of Order "RED BANNER" COMMANDER OF THE 3rd GUARD FIGHTER AIRCRAFT YASSKY CORPS GUARD LT. GENERAL OF AVIATION PODGORNY 28 February 1945 He has been awarded the Order "RED BANNER" by order #044-N of 03/26/45 to the forces of the 5th Airborne Army. SENIOR ASST. DIRECTOR OF THE PERSONNEL DIVISION OF THE 5th AIRBORNE ARMY SENIOR LIEUTENANT SHVETZ