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  1. Hello

    I have just acquired a small group of US named medals, possibly from around Vietnam, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Airman's Medal, Air force  Commendation Medal, all named

    as I am new to US medals can anyone assist in if I can research US medals

    regards and thanks



  2. Hello


    I am looking to see if anyone ha any information on the 2nd Battalion H.A.C.

    I have a pair of medals to a Sgt who was wounded (GSW to head) on the 25.09.1915 at Hazebrouck, but I cant seem to find any information about the battalions order of battle at that time


    any assistance would be appreciated






  3. Hello all

    Thought I would share some new Thai items I have been lucky enough to purchase.

    I can list several items but a few I am not sure of, anyone who can assistance with missing names would be appreciated

    photo 1 - Red cross 1st and 3rd class, Thailand Korea war, Chakra Mala Medal, others not 100%sure think medal next to Chakra Mala Medal is a order of the white elephant 7th class, others not sure

    photo 2 - Order of the White elephant 5th class, Order of The Crown 5th Class (on wrong ribbons and in German(?) style mount, King Rama IV coronation Medal, 2 x Border service  medals, 1 x WW 2 Victory medal, other 2 not sure

    photo 3 - order of the white elephant, Grand Cordon Star (older version I think)

    photo 4 - Commemorative Medal of the Royal State Visits to the United States of America and Europe o H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej











  4. thank you guys appreciated


    I have another rank that I am slightly puzzled with:

    Sep sub AT

    that's the rank on the medal, a General Service  Medal (Naga Hills) to the Kumaon Rgt


    any ideas to what this is


    regard and thanks



  5. I have just started adding IGSM to my collection as a result of a couple of WW1 groups that contain a IGSM and thought would share what I have acquired to date


    • Morley. H.H., Cpl, 8935, Somerset Light Infantry, Afghanistan 1919 (1914/15, BWM, VM, IGSM)
    • Bachanu. R., Rfmn, 4278, 1/39 Royal Garwahl Rifles, Afghanistan NWF 1919 (IGSM, BWM)


    • Ram. K, Sep, 388, 2/2 Punjabis Rgt, Wazirstan 1921 - 24
    • Pille. S., Sap, 7942, 3rd Sappers and Miners, Afghanistan  NWF 1919
    • Singh. D., Rfmn, 5791, 2nd Kashmir Rifles, Wazirstan 1921 - 24
    • George R.H., Dvr, 116993, Royal Field Artillery, Afghanistan NWF 1919
    • Singh. B, Sep, 10716, 2/13 Frontier Force Rifles, NWF 1930 - 31
    • Singh S. L/NK, 36415, 7th Mountain Battery, Artillery, NWF 1936 - 37
    • Nand. S., NK, 14862, Bengal Sappers and Miners, NWF 1936 - 37








  6. Hello

    As I have mentioned on another post I have been going through my collection and trying to sort it out and thought I would share some of the groups I have


    I know they are nothing special, but though would be nice to share

    • (BWM, VM, GSM) - Hooper. G.W., Pte, 200976, R.A.M.C., Iraq
    • (1914/15, BWM, ISM) - Windle. W.H., A/Cpl, 2241, R.A.M.C.
    • (1914/15, BWM, VM, LSGC) - Anderson. J., Sgt, 25515, R.E
    • (1914/15, BWM, VM, ISM) - Reed. J.B., Cpl, 30754, R.E.
    • (BWM, VM, ISM, SCPM) - Clarke. W.F., Pte, 27483, South Wales Borderers
    • (1914/15, BWM, VM, IGSM) - Morley. H.H., Cpl, 8935, Somerset Light Infantry, Afghanistan 1919
    • (BWM, VM, TWM) - Kitt. W.H. - Gnr, 128311, R.A.
    • (1914/15, VM, ISM, SWB) - King. Gnr, 32520, R.A.