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  1. I just purchased this medal bar. It's my first Hessen bar.
  2. It looks to have the cross of St. Patrick and St. Andrew backwards. The upper left quadrant should have the white cross above the red cross.
  3. Thank you Matt. That is an amazing photograph. Thank you to everyone who replied.
  4. It's quite possible. I'm making my assumption based on lack of holes on the interior.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I can't find any lug holes on the inside of the cap. I don't know if there is something I am missing.
  6. Hello, I recently picked up a 1905 Canadian Service cap from Collector's Guild, and I have a question. It shows no signs of ever having a badge affixed, but looks worn to the crown. Were these ever worn without badges? Thank you in advance.
  7. paul kennedy

    Japanese Flag

    I really wantd to add a japanese flag into my collection. I just picked this one up. I hope you find it as interesting as I do.
  8. paul kennedy

    Para Special Commando Beret

    It looks like Lt. Ramh, and possibly something illegible below it, beginning with maybe a C or an O at the left wing of the plane? (Off Cha...) There is also blue ink by the paratroopers leg that looks like S1S SABRE.
  9. paul kennedy

    Para Special Commando Beret

    Thank you.
  10. paul kennedy

    Para Special Commando Beret

    I just picked up this beret at an estate auction, and I was hoping for any input about it. Am I correct in thinking this is 1960's-1970's based on the tag? Thanks.
  11. On Ancestry, the medal roll for Flying Officer J. Toulmin has the entry "BW&VM by A/M. 15 Star to PS-3313, PTE. R.FUS." It looks like the same man.
  12. paul kennedy


    I have this French kepi that I believe to be for an infantry NCO. I'm wondering what era it's from. I'm guessing 1950's-1960's?
  13. paul kennedy

    Legion Etrangere uniform

    Thank you . I figured the insignia was added on.
  14. paul kennedy

    Legion Etrangere uniform

    I've just acquired this uniform Foreign Legion uniform, and I'm trying to get an idea about it's age. It looks like the dates have been removed. Any help would be appreciated. The paratrooper brevet is not numbered.
  15. paul kennedy

    croix du combattant

    Thank you Paul