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  1. I have two Brodie helmets in my collection, and I really like them. One has a lighter overcoat of paint on it. Has anyone seen this before, or is it something applied by some kid/ collector? Thank you, Paul
  2. This is a Wolseley helmet I have in my collection. What do I have here?
  3. On Ancestry, the medal roll for Flying Officer J. Toulmin has the entry "BW&VM by A/M. 15 Star to PS-3313, PTE. R.FUS." It looks like the same man.
  4. paul kennedy

    Legion Etrangere uniform

    I've just acquired this uniform Foreign Legion uniform, and I'm trying to get an idea about it's age. It looks like the dates have been removed. Any help would be appreciated. The paratrooper brevet is not numbered.
  5. paul kennedy


    I have this French kepi that I believe to be for an infantry NCO. I'm wondering what era it's from. I'm guessing 1950's-1960's?
  6. paul kennedy

    Legion Etrangere uniform

    Thank you . I figured the insignia was added on.
  7. I just purchased this Northumberland Fusiliers cap. I'm assuming that it would date from the 1950's-60's based on the "By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen" title in the makers label. What do you all think? Am I correct? Can it be narrowed down any more? Thank you very much. Paul
  8. paul kennedy

    croix du combattant

    I have a Croix Du Combattant that looks like it has been lacquered. It hasn't been gilded, and is bronze colored, just shiny. I was curious if they were ever issued shiny, or if a collector did this?
  9. paul kennedy

    croix du combattant

    Thank you Paul
  10. paul kennedy

    croix du combattant

  11. I have a BWM to 27058 Pte Frederick Shand of the Ox & Bucks L.I. Can anyone tell me what battalion he served in? Thank you, Paul
  12. I wonder with the star and thistle motif, if this belt belongs to the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Their cap badge had a star that looked like this inside a thistle wreath under a crown.
  13. Thank you Sergio. I had my doubts when I had it in hand.
  14. I just received this long service medal. Any input/opinions would be welcome. Thank you, Paul
  15. Thank you, Pierce. That's a great ribbon bar.
  16. This bar just arrived into my collection. I've grown rather fond of these medal bars.
  17. My first Glengarry: Can anyone help me with what year this code coincides with? I believe the badge is wrong as the tourie is red. Am I correct?
  18. I just acquired this bar, and wanted to show it on the GMIC. I really like it.
  19. The badge has a King's crown, so I'd agree that it doesn't belong on the shako.
  20. This is my Union Jack. I recently acquired it and am looking for any information regarding age, etc. It is of multi-piece construction, and marked UNION JACK 6FT. It has no broad arrow marks. It came with a story about WWII, but I know better than to buy the story along with the piece. Thanks in advance for any help. Paul
  21. I really like these medals, I have a few in my collection. That's a really nice one.