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  1. I just acquired this badge. It is non magnetic. It appears to be bronze or brass. I'd appreciate some opinions. Thanks! More accurate color
  2. Translation Help Please

    It's a training rifle!
  3. Arisaka Bayonet Display

    Can't just own one !
  4. A very interesting collection

    Harvey many of the patches have added stars. Seen this before many times. Added by G.I.s I see two navy winter round ratings ( red on blue) crossed anchors, bottom left are collar tabs for civilians employed by army, then navy peak cap insignias. PM me or email me & I can identify all others.
  5. Some Medal Bars

    I too like the last bar. PM me if your considering selling it
  6. Unidentified Japanese made pilot wings ..can anyone help ? :-)

    Japan made lots of insignia post war for foreign countries. Many U.S. military insignia was custom made in post war Japan. My feeling is this is what this is. They simply utilized their own star etc. could be English, Austrailian etc
  7. My First Navy Badge

    Told myself I wouldn't start but I really liked the design of this Technical Knowledge Merit Badge. Wish we knew more about it
  8. Japanese Cap

    Officer's variation
  9. That`s what I call "mounting"

    I'd be real carefull using those plastic boxes. Unless they're archival there can be " off gasses" that over time can tarnish & discolor
  10. That`s what I call "mounting"

    I'm not a fan either
  11. shoulder boards

    Those are combat boards. Far less common than the dress service boards with nickel tongue
  12. I knew the eBay example would surface. Glad it made it on the boards
  13. Too small a world. Hopefully the closeted , secret new owner will share ;)
  14. Who got the one off eBay ?
  15. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    Answer : every guy needs a nice pair
  16. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    Oh, you bought it!
  17. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    So you know the buyer ?
  18. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    As if Sotheby's would sell it ! Idiot
  19. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    Thinking about sending her an angry PM. I wanted it as an XMas present for myself at $3 k not starting at 9 !
  20. 2nd class Golden Kite from Showa epoch at eBay

    Yeah I thought maybe this time! Nice starting bid raised:(
  21. Imperial Japanese Army Pilot Wings

    I agree with Chris. Much of the info we get is acquired & passed down. I'm always open to correction once the true facts come to light. Having said that, I've always believed the cloth wings were just to signify flight training completion. Not exclusively issued/worn by just pilots but others involved in aviation at many different levels
  22. Imperial Japanese Army Pilot Wings

    I've yet to see or examine a tunic that I felt certain wings weren't added post war
  23. very interesting thread Nick! Thanks
  24. could it just be a souvineer made up by one of his soldiers as a victory gift?
  25. Army Pilot Badge Evolution

    wonderfull badge!