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  1. Hello , anyone searching for new made WW-2 type leather jacket "Squadron" and or "Group" patches, I make them, your choice of any "USAAF/USN/USMC type of aviation emblem, 5-6 inch size usually , in the US $73.50 each, 0ver seas $90.00 each, see my facebook page for many images and below for a few so you can see the quality of my work, 30+ years experience , enjoy https://www.facebook.com/groups/310104192517699/
  2. See lots more of my patch works here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/310104192517699/
  3. Here's some new patches I've recently done, enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some more Leather patches I've made...... A few others ..........
  4. Here are "links" to my various Facebook , emblem image pages , very helpful in seeing their designs for collectors/historian etc , please drop by an Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!! WW2 AAF Bombardment Unit Emblems , https://www.facebook.com/groups/7488964638564896/ AAF Fighter Group/Sqd Unit Emblems, https://www.facebook.com/groups/173992762943900/ WW2 AAF Recon Units , https://www.facebook.com/groups/230807693917762/ WW2 Navy Flying Unit Emblems , https://www.facebook.com/groups/1591239301111843/ WW2 Military Aviation Patch ID Help , https://www.facebook.com/groups/1407127419616068/
  5. Here are a few recent Leather patch works , 548th Bombardment Squadron(rabbit), 584th Bombardment Squadron(Bird) see many more on Facebook type in "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" and this direct link Http://s1334.photobucket.com/user/EMBLEMHUNTER/library/patches Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks Tachel , been real busy with the patch making, here are a few recent works .................. 548th Bombardment Squadron,(Bunny) , 584th Bombardment Squadron (bird) 570th Bombardment Squadron(joker) 67th Fighter Squadron(rooster) See much more on my Facebook page "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" and my Photobucket page http://s1334.photobucket.com/user/EMBLEMHUNTER/library/patches
  7. Now 429 patch images on the photobucket site, three "albums" "Emblenhunters Bucket" "Patches" "Ziggy Patches" on left side of main page , click each to view, enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://s1334.photobucket.com/user/EMBLEMHUNTER/library/patches
  8. See also my Facebook page ' "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches' many patches I've made there to view , enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have several new Facebook pages I think many of the GMIC will enjoy , listing below, hope you'll drop by , thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just type the titles on you FB search bar ................... "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" "WW2 Military Aviation Patch ID help page" "AAF Fighter Group/Sqd Unit Emblems" "WW2 AAF Bombardment Unit Emblems"
  10. Please visit my Facebook page, "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" you'll enjoy all the image there, lots to see as I've added many since my last post , enjoy !!!!!!!!!
  11. Hello , I am seeking Latin motto help on an emblem of image posted please, the sign is of Lymington Airfield, and the emblem the 2nd from right at bottom of the sign, it is titled 81st Fighter Squadron and has a Latin motto across banner on the shield , if you can help with what the wording is(not translation) but actual Latin wording I'd appreciate the help !!!!!! Thanks much form "over the Pond" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Also Please visit my Facebook page, "WW2 Leather Sqd/Group Patches" http://s1334.photobucket.com/user/EMBLEMHUNTER/library/Patches
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