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  1. Only RSR type of Order of Labor 1st class was produced from solid gold. Not RPR type.
  2. 2-nd class orders in silver on e-bay under regular basis. Could be so kind to show us the gold made RPR type of Order of Labor 1st class?
  3. I told about concrete order showed by Rick.
  4. Hello Rick, This order must be in silver 750%. Also I think, that you must invite Anatoly13 and/or nasa_astronaut from sammler.ru as co-moderators of this Socialist Republic of Romania forums. These two most knowing about of Romania awards.
  5. Test pilot

    Sino Soviet Friendship Medals

    Hi ilja, The doc is OK, so don't worry please.
  6. Test pilot

    Sino Soviet Friendship Medals

    No difference, because medals for Cuba generally manufactured in DDR.
  7. Test pilot

    cuba military insignia badges

    "M" means MASTER