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  1. pride

    ? About Cuban Parachutist Badges

    I've asked to a cuban friend of mine, ex Sub Oficial Paratrooper and Avispas Negras. He confirm that this type of badge are 100% genuine. His answer: "Estas insignias son las que usaban en la antigua brigada de desembarco aéreo (BDA), y se fabricaban en la antigua URSS para nuestras tropas, ya después se comenzaron a hacer aquí mismo y los números significaban la categoría del paracaidista, por ejemplo: M: Categoría de Maestro paracaidista o Master 1: Paracaidista de primera 2; Paracaidista de segunda 3; Paracaidista de tercera Y la sin numero es la que le entregan a los soldados cuando realizaban su primer salto"
  2. pride

    Badge identifications

    Thanks for the info manuel. Is very similar to the soviet one and it seems logical looking the naval Officer. The only strange thing is that Ramiro Valdes also wears it and i didn't know he had spent years in the MGR and subs; this seems strange
  3. pride

    cuba Military academy badge rare

    Manuel if you can add again the image could be very useful for us
  4. pride

    Badge identifications

    Someone have news about that?
  5. pride

    Cuban field cap

    Hi Manuel, thanks again for your useful clarifications. If you can add again the photo because photobucket policy sucks
  6. pride

    Cuban belt buckle

    Very strange, i've never seen any photo of that bucket worn by cuban soldiers
  7. pride

    Cuban military belt buckle

    If i remember correctly the belt buckles in Batista's era (pre-revolution) were the same: Cuba coat of arms and nothing more. Right?
  8. pride

    2 Cuban Awards

    Misunderstanding. - Orden "De la Solidaridad" - Medalla Conmemorativa"30 Anniversario de FAR"
  9. pride

    2 Cuban Awards

    For sure this is not a cuban ribbon bar.
  10. pride

    Cuban Military Hat Badge

    Thanks for your effort Riker!
  11. pride

    Cuban Ribbon Bars

    My second ribbon bar:
  12. pride

    Cuban Ribbon Bars

    Ok, i've found it.
  13. pride

    Cuban Ribbon Bars

    ...but let's talk about the different ribbons. I can't find the meaning of the third from left..help