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  1. Badge identifications

    Dear friends, do you know what is the badge over the left pocket of Ramiro Valdes uniform?
  2. Badge identifications

    Thanks for the info manuel. Is very similar to the soviet one and it seems logical looking the naval Officer. The only strange thing is that Ramiro Valdes also wears it and i didn't know he had spent years in the MGR and subs; this seems strange
  3. cuba Military academy badge rare

    Manuel if you can add again the image could be very useful for us
  4. After the the dissolution of the Warsaw-Pact Cuba's FAR ranks returned to the bar system but stars remained for First Officers and superiors. Today the type of grades for the classes are the same as in the 30s and 40s. Nowadays the ranks system is an hybrid of all the time because the bars are adopted again. Designation is similar to the original but incorporates elements of the Soviet era (as the background of the general grades). Here: The Classes are: Cabo, Sargento de Tercera, de Segunda y de Primera
  5. Badge identifications

    Someone have news about that?
  6. Cuban field cap

    Hi Manuel, thanks again for your useful clarifications. If you can add again the photo because photobucket policy sucks
  7. Cuban field cap

    This is an example of a field soldier cap locally-made:
  8. Cuban belt buckle

    Very strange, i've never seen any photo of that bucket worn by cuban soldiers
  9. Cuban military belt buckle

    If i remember correctly the belt buckles in Batista's era (pre-revolution) were the same: Cuba coat of arms and nothing more. Right?
  10. 2 Cuban Awards

    Misunderstanding. - Orden "De la Solidaridad" - Medalla Conmemorativa"30 Anniversario de FAR"
  11. 2 Cuban Awards

    For sure this is not a cuban ribbon bar.
  12. Ejercito Libertador cubano durante la guerra del 95 (1895 - 1898) Cabo, Sargento de 2do grado y Sargento de 1er grado. Sub-teniente (Alférez), Teniente y Capitán Comandante, Teniente coronel y Coronel General de Brigada, General de División y Mayor General
  13. Cuban field uniform

    This is my FAR uniform with 2nd year Academy ranks:
  14. Cuban Military Hat Badge

    Thanks for your effort Riker!
  15. Cuban Ribbon Bars

    My second ribbon bar:
  16. Cuban Air Force badge

    These are the 4 badge for cuban Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria DAAFAR members: Cadet
  17. Cuban Ribbon Bars

    Ok, i've found it.
  18. Cuban Ribbon Bars

    ...but let's talk about the different ribbons. I can't find the meaning of the third from left..help
  19. Cuban Ribbon Bars

    Finally i received this paper ribbons under plastic, it's my first and it was very hard to obtain!
  20. cuba Military academy badge rare

    I received just today this badge. It appears an academy award but it's different from the others in shape and colour. This is dark blue. Anyone have some info?
  21. Cuban field cap

    Uniform cap:
  22. cuba Military academy badge rare

    Hi Paul, i'm a noob of military collection but according to my experience this badge is one of the most rare, expecially the white-one. I have a lot og orig pics showing badges and other decorations. Waiting for other opinions about the rarity of this decoration. all the best
  23. cuba Military academy badge rare

    white in use: