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  1. Hello to all! Any comments on authenticity or additional information on this bar would be appreciated. Dean
  2. OK. What I am doing wrong? I will try it again. Dean
  3. Hello to all! I am new to the club, so this is my first post. So, here it goes. I am trying to find information on this medal bar. Because of the non-combatant nature of the bar and the medals on it, I think I can safely assume that it was issued to a chaplain (but I am not sure). It appears that this chaplain served from the around the turn of the century through WWI. My questions center on the Cross for the Jerusalem Pilgrims in bronze (I believe that is what it is). I had seen other posts about this, but they have not addressed the issue of the Cross for the Jerusalem Pilgrims on a military medal bar. I have seen information that states that the Cross for the Jerusalem Pilgrims is only a medal issued by the church and does not have any military significance. And, I have seen information were the cross has been issued to military people based on their rank. Is there a written procedure for a German to be able to put this cross on a medal bar? Or was the cross just added to the medal bar by the wearer? Also, is this bar traceable? Any help would be greatly appreciated Dean
  4. Rick, Thank you for the information. I am new at posting pictures, but I will work on getting more detailed pics for the post. Can you explain in more detail the difference between flat-bottomed and bow-bottomed bars? Your information is very helpful. Dean