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  1. Tom and Komtur, Thank you for your assistance. This is my first named bar and I am very happy that it could be ID'd Dean
  2. Hello to everyone, Can someone help me please ID this medal bar? Thank you Dean
  3. WNickel Thank you sir, for helping me ID this bar. Dean
  4. I am not trying to be difficult, but I do not know what this means, please explain. Dean
  5. Thanks Dave for clearing up that Bavarians normally did not receive the Centenary medal. This bar was not making sense if the wearer should have received the Centenary medal. It appears his service was in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  6. A lot of great information here, thanks to all who commented. Dean
  7. dond, You are right, I just never tried that. Thank you for the suggestion. Dean
  8. rudi, I wanted to try and buy this, but it only ships to the Germany and I am in the US. Thank you anyway. Dean
  9. Rudi, I never noticed that the 2nd ribbon is to a sanitätskreuz. I will have to correct this ribbon bar. Thank you. Dean
  10. Hello to everyone, This is actually ribbon bar that a veteran converted into a medal bar, dual purpose. Dean
  11. Hello to everyone, There are some amazing bars in this thread. One more, an officer bar. 1914 EK 2 General Honor Decoration for Bravery Cross of Honor Military Merit Cross 3rd Class – Officer (Austria) Dean
  12. Hello to everyone, I am not sure this bar fits into this category. It is my understanding that this Order of the White Elephant was issued until 1940. I would appreciate any information anyone has. Dean
  13. rujab, Very nice. I have not seen these cased. One more... Dean
  14. Sergio and saschaw, I had to dig through some records, but I did find out that I bought this medal bar from "hagekna41" a few years ago. Thank you for pointing out it is a fake. Dean
  15. Hello, One more..... 1914 EK 2 Cross of Honor Thailand Order of the White Elephant 5th Class– “Member” Order 1914-1918 Hungarian Service Medal Dean