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  1. Here's the Tyr rune he is wearing in the above photo. William Kramer
  2. hi William, Fraser from Scotland here, I sent you a message regarding Jeff Nichols from WA forum..cheers

  3. Gordon, Just wanted to be clear. You're saying the 6 o'clock flaw found on the version with swords got progressively worse and may not appear on the earliest initial pieces from production? William Kramer
  4. Pete, I've always had a passion for the NSFK stuff and these flugtag tinnies that's for sure! William Kramer
  5. all1knew

    Round 3 EK1

    RGBRanger, Unfortunately, in my opinion, this one is a reproduction and has completely wrong reverse hardware amongst other things that are incorrect. For further information, please see: http://wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=639807 William Kramer
  6. Hello there, Here on a German TR ribbon bar; Serviciu Credincious w/ swords William Kramer
  7. Hello all, I have a similar pair of boards here, any ideas on mine? William Kramer
  8. Hello all, Just wanted to show you this ribbon bar that came with a NCO tunic I have on display. A machine-gun school instructor! William Kramer
  9. Hello all, Here's my Braunschweig tinnie. William Kramer
  10. Hello all, I have this rare M40 Officer's cap that I was thinking of selling but if I could find the right tunic for it I may keep it. Anyone know of any decent tunics for sale that woul go with this cap? I'd prefer an issued example with at least one award loop. William Kramer