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  1. Hi Thom. Sorry but not ready to part with it. If I ever decide to I'll definitely get in touch if possible. Thanks! Dan
  2. Hi all. Hoping for some help on this one. So many fakes out there. The core is iron... magnet sticks to it. Pics not the greatest but all I have at the moment. Any help deeply appreciated! Many thanks! Dan
  3. Hi all. I acquired this recently as a replica, but on arrival I'm not so sure. It's hollow with the back plate. Very good workmanship. I have an original early type silver WB made the same way. Rather light weight and solid construction. I don't believe these hollow/solid backs were all that common, plus they require that much more effort to product. Can't believe fakers would go to the trouble to not only do it but do it right. Anyhow, I welcome opinions. The pics are the only ones I have right now but I can do some scans if required. Many thanks in advance, Dan
  4. My deepest thanks Hugh! I sure hope one of our members can help me solve it. It's been driving me nuts! I hate it when I can't research and find things on my own and this one has me totally stumped! I definitely agree it has that post war Asian army feel to it in my mind. I thought about South Korea, Taiwan, Japan... can't find any matches to save my life! Will keep pacing in the trench and hope someone comes up with it. If I figure it out I'll definitely post as well. Thanks again! God bless, Dan
  5. With the chrysanthemum I'm thinking Japanese... but for the life of me after searching on the next for the last few hours I cannot find anything similar to confirm it. Hoping one of our members can help. Possibly police or ? if not military? If someone knows what rank is it for? Many thanks! Dan
  6. ...was wondering if you received any images of Bruno Dilley from your request...have access to his complete medals/certificates...(8{

  7. Hi all. I know this is an OLD thread I posted... but wondered if anyone can point out what each of these graduations were for... re: the schools/academies, etc? I was told the one in post #7 is for Space Forces... is that correct? Would love to know the actual title of the Academy or School and anything else anyone could tell me about that one... it's been one of my favorites. Got it from Alexei way way back in time. Many thanks! Dan
  8. Hi all. I managed to acquire a Major General's daily uniform from a friend. Common type but worked a very good deal and would like to dress it up a bit for display on a torso dummy. Am thinking perhaps one HSU, a good sized ribbon bar, an academy badge or two and possibly a Soviet Officer's Association lapel pin. Here's the possibilities I have to work with: First the tunic in question: Most of my academy graduation badges are here: Some of my ribbon bars... thinking one of the top three: Officer's Association pin: Here's one I found on the web that's rather like what I'm hoping to do: Although would two of my graduation badges work on this (assuming any of the ones I have would be proper for this rank)? I don't know of anything else that would be appropriate for this uniform and rank but if anyone knows different please let me know. Also, keep in mind that I have no intention of selling this but if I should I would remove the items I add as I would not want them to be considered original to the tunic. This is simply for my own display. Many thanks in advance. Dan
  9. My friend is trying to get more info from his relatives... not sure at this point if there is anything else available... but will try to get what we can. Many thanks! Dan
  10. Hi all. Just a quick one... getting ready to head into the gulag... tonight and tomorrow night then three blessed days off! Can't wait. This is a photo of a friends great grandfather. Trying to get more info but he has to contact family members, etc. For now, just have his name: Edmund Jacob, and this photo. I'm praying some of you can give us some info based on the uniform, insignia, etc. Assuming it's early war or pre war due to the numbers showing on the pickelhaube cover, and I think the shoulder boards. Wish we could see details on the belt buckle as I know that would help. Plus if in color a lot could be learned from the colors of the numbers (regiment?) and portepee. Anyhow, I'm hoping some of ya'll can put the pieces together and come up with something... anything would be a big help. He just wants to know more of his family history and he's very interested. He's a U.S. army vet, a great guy and a good friend. So hoping I can help him out. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  11. Hello sir,  I used to be active on here alot, but I lost my password many years ago and just got my account reactivated.  i am just trying to touch base with people that i used to talk to on here.

  12. Hi all. Just managed to pick this one up this evening. The pics are the sellers but sadly none of the rim. Seller says the rim says: 4258 Pie J.Perrott 17th C.C. & T.C. although she sounded like she was having problems seeing it all clearly. After looking a bit on the web would it be safe to say that should read 17th Co. C&TC for 17th Company Commissariat and Transport Corps? I've requested scans/pics of the edge but no idea what if anything will come of it. Should be here sometime this coming week so if nothing else I can scan once it arrives. The old girl needs a ribbon... so on the hunt for that so I can give her back some of her glory. Now still learning about British awards... my understanding is unlike say, German award collectors, these are often cleaned, etc. So asking on this one should she be left as is just with the addition of a ribbon once I can get hold of one... or should it be cleaned? Might anyone have any info on this recipient? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks! Dan
  13. Hoping one of our members might be able to help me on this one. Any info would be deeply appreciated. Also an approximate value of possible. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  14. Well said! Sadly, I've seldom been able to be on for the last two years due to my work. How I miss you all and I especially miss my friends Mervyn and Rick. They were great libraries which have now burned down. Thankfully, they put so much of what they contained... their knowledge, wisdom and even a great deal of their personalities here on GMIC where it will, I hope, live on for many, many years to come. They are both irreplaceable. Rick always shared of his knowledge with me and all others freely and Mervyn kept up that tradition after Rick died. Things just won't be the same without them... but that's where we, including myself as much as I'm able, have to continue to carry on and keep their spirits alive. I'm am honored to have counted them among my friends in this life. May they both RIP. I'm sure they're up there in the great beyond sharing stories and having a grand old time just waiting for the rest of us to show up down the road. Dan
  15. Hi all. I've not had a ton of time for nearly the last two years due to my work. I try to pop on when I can but not nearly as much as I'd like or used to I'm very sorry to day. But I got a nudge from a friend who asked me about these two "awards". Not sure what the story behind them, if she has or is thinking of getting them or what. But she wanted to know if I could ID them for her. I've not been able to keep up with the myriad of awards, official or otherwise put out in Russia these last few years to honestly I don't have a clue. Hoping one of you might be able to help me out. Here's the pics she sent... hoping it's enough but let me know. Many thanks in advance for any help on these. Dan