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  1. Generally the minurature medals were used in formal situations in which the recipient wore the small medal rather than the large medal to show their award, to better fit the occasion. For instance a cocktail party or formal event. Wearing the full size awards was limited to a few occasions. Many of the Grand orders where provided with a minurature medal as well as the regular size medal to cover all occasions. Markus
  2. Hi Ramen7, I agree that is probably Russian made. In Russia there have been quite a few reproductions of order medals. The quality doesn't appear too high and probably wasn't produced by a top jeweler firm. I have seen a number of similar items like the one you posted popping up on German EBay with low asking prices. Best Regards, Markus
  3. A Lemaitre Lion and Sun breast star 1st class. This breast star has a very large medallion painting, bigger than the typical ones with the Lion and Sun order. In the late 1870's Lemaitre moved to the address 42 Rue Coquilliere listed on the backplate of this breast star. They moved again in 1901 to 5 bis Rue du Louvre, so this places the production of this medal from 1870 to 1901. A very fine French Jewelers edition of the Persian Lion and Sun. Lemaitre 1st class Lion and Sun Order, close up of the medallion and back name plate.
  4. Thanks Radmilo! Yes I agree that the type 2 you posted looks very similar to mine. The St. Sava paintings are still really nice in these type 2's and haven't reached the more primitive simplistic style paintings at the very end of Scheid's production of type 2-St.Sava's. Appreciated your replies!
  5. Thanks Radmilo, Your comments are very useful. I did find an identical type illustrated in Serbian and Yugoslavian Orders and Decorations, by Pavel Car and Tomislav Muhie, page 210. The book lists it as a Class 2, type 1-II s.S from a later production period by Scheid. That is such a wonderful book! Markus
  6. Hi Radmilo! This breast star was sold at auction but can be found in St.Sava search on their site. http://www.emedals.com/europe/serbia/orders/order-of-st-sava/a-serbian-order-of-st-sava-second-class-breast-star-by-scheid I am the new lucky owner now. I had a couple of questions that you may be able to answer. How does one tell a 2nd class St.Sava breast star from a 1st class St.Sava breast star? How does one tell if it is a first type or second type example on the Breast stars of St.Sava? I know G.A. Scheid made both types 1 & 2 and am assuming that this star is a type 1 based on the St. Sava painting, which is more detailed and finer than later simplified paintings. Markus
  7. A beautiful G.A. Scheid made St. Sava breast star 2nd class. Sold by Emedals. Photos by Emedals. The quality of the enamels and workmanship is exceptional. Star measures 78 mm across.
  8. Hi Paul, I count eight points and three circlets, on the breast star, typical of a 1st class breast star. The sash badge is also very typical, being a 3rd class badge, the highest badge offered with that type of suspension and always seen on sash pairings, with the 1st class badge. Markus
  9. Hello Norseman, The Persia Lion and sun medal set you posted is from the approximate time frame you mentioned, late 1800's, probably 1880-1890 time frame. Kretly is a well know French maker of military and order medals. The order became obsolete in 1925 with the fall of the Qajar Dynasty. The breast star is a 1st class star and civil issue with reclining Lion. The set is made of silver. If you are interested in selling the medal set or would like an estimated value, you can send me a private message or email me at: markustruckee@gmail.com. a very nice set. Markus
  10. A rare French Billard made 4th class Lion and Sun.
  11. A very nice Boullanger French made 1st Class Breast star. The style of painting seems like a pretty early style (circa 1860-1890).
  12. "Golden" St. Sava

    Congrats Rogi! A very fine addition to your St. Sava collection. Quite rare and fine samples! Thanks for posting. Markus
  13. Bonhams auction. A first class breast star with paste stones circa 1880, French made. The medallion looks like a Lemaitre painting. The sun has a nice hair piece, which is pretty rare and early example. Hammered at $11,055.
  14. Bonhams auction. A circa 1890 Russian made Breast star with paste stones, military division. The medallion looks Persian made. Eight pointed star would suggest 1st class star. Hammered at $8,422 US.
  15. Bonhams auction. A circa 1900 British made breast star by Walker and Hall in Sheffield England. Most Unusual a rare piece. Hammered at $2,613.