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  1. The second piece is a very powerful design, Matt Seeing that your title has left a wider definition of 'Gau' badges open to interpretation... my only 'Gau' related piece....
  2. Thanks for the interesting insight, Matt I don't know why but I've always favoured Assmann... But for you...a pic of a couple FJ badges from your favourite...
  3. Now, that is a nice example of an early ribbon/medal bar... Photo please...always good to put a face to awards.
  4. First up: Radio Operator/Air gunner badge in zinc ...maker marked: C.E Juncker, Berlin SW 68 Next....Factory produced Air gunner /Flight engineer's badge in zinc....maker marked: C.E Juncker, Berlin SW 68
  5. Matt, I am in total agreement after doing further research over the past couple of days I have come to the conclusion that these badges, being so early, are most likely a composite of tombac with a very high percentage of copper, which would explain the colour, something I’ve not come across on later badges, showing through the wear on these particular badges. I don’t think weights on the badges would help us much as one is nickel plated, the other bronzed. This is why I appreciate the Internet, and the forum in particular , so much as we have people like you to bounce ideas off... Many thanks, Matt.
  6. Matt, does cross-cut stand for an edge on view of the badges? If so, give me a little time to set that up....looking at them they have the correct marks found an badges that have been trimmed from a planchet...but I’ll leave that to the experts to decide. J
  7. Just in are these 1932 1st Hitler youth rally Potsdam badges... I would have put them in the HJ 'tinnie' thread but after some research, I'm not sure that the silver badge belongs there...and I didn't want to split up the new acquisitions as the two badges show a little something of interest. There doesn't seem to be much information on these badges other than the fact that the bronze was sold, as per other 'tinnies', for a donation and the silver issued to participants of the rally.... I've often read that these badges were made of either aluminium, tombac or zinc, marker marked in this way, or that.. On receiving these two badges, they have turned out to be made of cupal...this being seen in close-up images where the copper is clearly visible on both. The silver badge for participants - maker: Hermann Aurich, Dresden The bronze badge -Maker: F. Hoffstätter, Bonn A close-up of the bronze badge shows the copper where the bronzing is worn...as with the wear on the silver badge.
  8. Just in - an example of an early die stamped (gilded tombac) Kriegsmarine summer uniform breast eagle in near mint condition Maker: F.W Assmann & Söhne - Lüdenscheid next up - the same die stamped eagle in zinc Scan from the 1938 Assmann catalogue of the above.
  9. Another great find, Tom.. A 15 year, in decent condition, is getting hard to find...but stickpins for NSDAP long service, even harder. A double pin for 10/15
  10. Morning, Tom... Nice piece. Any other gems obtained at the show? An earlier one.
  11. That's the Aircrew badge (Fliegerschaftsabzeichen) introduced in 1933 by Göring for members of the clandestine Luftwaffe (Deutscher Luftsportverband or DLV e. V.). The Aircrew Badge became the official Pilot/Observer Badge for the Luftwaffe on 19 January 1935 but was retired and replaced by a newer Pilot/Observer badge instituted by Göring in 1936. Rare as hen's teeth.
  12. Many thanks for taking the time to post these documents, Tomasz...It is much appreciated. You have made my day. Hopefully there is a Soldbuch for him out there as I would love to put a face to the group. So, as a small tribute to Jassner, at least we can reunite the badge with the Verleihungsurkunde. I hope you don't mind the use of your document. With Tomasz's help I have updated Jassner's unit history and awards. KGrzbV1 (1ZFZ) during supply-drop duties - Stalingrad
  13. Tomasz....I can not wait!! what a PM that was.
  14. Please be kind enough to have a look at the thread below: You never know, you may be able to help me in finishing my research. Many thanks, in advance....