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  1. The most comprehensive reference I've seen on the subject.... Thank you, Matthew
  2. Seeing that the bronze version of the IAB was introduced on the 1st June 1940 for all motorized/mechanized units...I would think that the three units you mention would fall into the category for bronze.
  3. I would have to agree with those who have identified this as a fake.. As Paul has pointed out, the reverse tells the tale... very soft details, incorrect catch and pin style for Redo.
  4. Any chance of clear closeups of the hinge and catch? BSW did produce an !AB with this type of reverse setup, but with the pictures supplied it's hard to give an opinion. I have an example of this type in my reference file...hopefully a comparison with the one you have will make things a little clearer.
  5. War Merit, EKII & Wound badge look to be original... the Ostfront raises a red flag due to the excessive wear....this could be due to it being either being a copy or a bad strike in the manufacturing process. If you are considering buying the Ostfront medal, there are better examples out there at very reasonable prices.
  6. Nice example, Bob...and cased.
  7. The insignia for maschinen Nco and maanschaften is as below, this particular example being for the 'white jumper shirt'. NCO ranks are as follows: Gefreiter: cogwheel with one chevron. Obergefreiter: Cogwheel with two chevrons. Example of a maschinenobergefreiter patch for the blue uniform:
  8. I am not going to comment, other to say....I'm going to fold up in a fetal position and get over my envy. Soooo nice, Gary
  9. Hinge & catch show that it's a post war piece produced by Rudolf Souval.
  10. I have just managed to pick up another early die stamped, nickel sliver plated tombak, Infantry Assault Badge by Otto Schickle. This one has the sheet metal catch and, as can be seen, has the most wonderful toning/patina. These badges come with two different types of catch...Sheet metal and round wire. Generally called 'Schickle/Mayer' badges due to the head of the Präsidialkanzlei, Dr. Otto Meissner, signing a decree, in June 1941, stating that the firm of Otto Schickle was prohibited from the manufacture and trade of orders and medals founded after January 1933....the reasons remain unclear. Schickle, however, were allowed to sell off certain parts of their leftover stock and the firm of B.H Mayer was one of the purchasers at a later LDO supervised sale. The one just in.... sheet metal catch. Round wire catch.
  11. Luftwaffe badge production by the firm Berg & Nolte, Ludenscheid. Pilot's badge. Radio Operator/Air Gunner Badge Air Gunner Badge Paratrooper Badge Flak Badge
  12. Hi, Nack A common fake, I'm afraid. just looking at the front of the badge is enough...these fakers produced these badges from parts cast from various makers, stamped different maker marks on them and put them on the market as originals. This one of yours has an Assmann eagle when it should have all the parts produced by Juncker and marked IMME. Looking at a comparison of your badge and the eagle on an original Assmann Observer badge shows the total lack of detail of a cast copy of an original.
  13. No matter the condition, having a named badge is a nice piece of history. Foerster & Barth - Pforzheim (L/21).