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  1. Unknown maker..without swords.
  2. Klein & Quenzer A.G. Idar/Oberstein.. 1st class with swords.
  3. BTW, Don... Picked this up the other day...
  4. Hi Don, Good to see you made it here... I'm looking forward to seeing some more of those nice pieces... :food-smiley-004:
  5. A bar to a career soldier..
  6. NSDAP 15/10 year service set...
  7. Another 'round three' EK2 group....
  8. Dual purpose bar the a member of a 'Panzer' group.. This one has a round 3 EK2.
  9. A little KM/Olympic bar..
  10. Come on, Nick, don't be modest... I know you've got a few more bars to show.. Here's a full frontal of that 'Westwall' bar...
  11. J Temple-West

    U-Boat Badges

    Truely exceptional pieces, Gordon.. I know that people rave on about 'Schwerin' being the best.... But, that 'Juncker'!! Sweet piece... Sorry for the interruption..
  12. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  13. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    Standard EK2 on parade mount...
  14. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    A few '100, W&L' marked +'s...
  15. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  16. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    Nice mint 'Schinkel' with magnetic core and different font style...
  17. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  18. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    schinkel with the same font style but with a non-magnetic core..
  19. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  20. So, this example of the Radio operator/Air gunner badge is again a true 1st pattern, having the 1st pat wreath & bird.... By C.E Juncker (same maker as above)..
  21. Ah, Darrell...forgive me!! It's past midnight and I'm as blind as a bot...BOT!! see, I told you.. Now this is where it gets a little complicated.... The badge, above is a pure 1st pattern example... 1 pat' bird on a 1st pat' wreath. The next one is a transitional piece, being a 2nd pat' bird on a 1st pat wreath. left over stock never going to waste it would seem.. This mix & match went on throughtout the production of the various patterns and makes things a little more interesting when it comes to the authentication process.. We will, no doubt, come to the even more complicated subject of supply and use of parts, between manufacturers, at some point.. 1st pat wreath with 2nd pat bird... I wish you all a very pleasant evening, where ever you are...
  22. On the subject of early 'Juncker' types.. 1st pattern observer..
  23. The old classic.. C.E Juncker, 1st pattern PB.