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  1. The old classic.. C.E Juncker, 1st pattern PB.
  2. I totally agree with you, Jim? But, of course, I?m biased.. No jumping from me. @ H009291..(Come on, give us a clue..What?s your Christian name? I?ll never remember H009291..Sorry, being cheeky) A very clean ?BSW?... I also have the same type Juncker 3rd pattern which I?ll dig out and photograph. Is your example marked ?Berlin SW68? or unmarked? @ G.W? You?re right, good to see Fran?ois here? I only hope that he will allow us to see some of his most excellent pieces.. Fran?ois, calling Fran?ois :food-smiley-004: Here's another early one... The Same 1st pattern 'Assmann' PB but in aluminium.
  3. By F.W Assmann. 1st pattern Pilot/Observer.
  4. A quick search has turned up this.. Hope it helps.. http://www.axishistory.com/index.php?id=5067