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  1. "If I were to swing a pilots badge, what would you recommend as a first piece??" Hi Jim, Not an easy a question as you might think.. Early 1st pattern pieces can demand large prices, late zinc pieces, although relatively cheap, can be a bit boring as, by their very nature, the overall finish, generally speaking, is of a poorer quality.. I would go for an example from the second series, in Buntmetal, from a known maker such as Assmann, Juncker or BSW.. Of course, as in any other field of collecting, always go for the best example that the purse can afford and before parting with the 'hard earned' get it checked out... I'll post some examples from these makers.. They all have there own characteristics and you will find that you will develop a liking for a particular maker. Amongst Luftwaffe collectors there's always been this debate as to the best maker, Assmann vs Juncker usually.. Anyway, if I can ever be of help in the authentication process, let me know.. Can't help you with the Wife, though.. 1st up.. 2nd pattern 'Juncker'
  2. J Temple-West

    Rare 1st Pattern Spange

    Here you go, Dave.. Yes, a day off and I was bored...
  3. J Temple-West

    EK1.. Paul Meybauer

    Cased... I must get the Brasso out...
  4. J Temple-West

    EK1.. Paul Meybauer

    The shield of Paul Meybauer, Berlin.
  5. J Temple-West

    EK1.. Paul Meybauer

  6. A couple of 'Legion Condor' bars... The same grouping but one is the standard parade mount, the other is a dual purpose bar..
  7. Slightly different setup on this one...
  8. Great display, Nick... There are a few that I'd dearly love to own... jumping Well, Luftwaffe bars...
  9. Just adding a few as we go along.... Still on the early pre-war types, here's a rather exotic variation of a PB by 'Juncker'... Silver plate on Tombak, this PB was probably produced as a private order or presentation piece to be worn on an officer's evening dress or parade uniform.. 'Juncker' produced solid, '800' marked, silver examples, so this particular piece, being plated, would have been considered a poor man's equivalent... The 'recon' clasp is only added for effect...
  10. Looks like a Lanc'... One thing is for sure....this 'crew' won't be flying this particular aircraft as they are German troops.. Interesting picture, any history on it? here's a picture of a Lanc with crew..
  11. Unknown maker..without swords.
  12. Klein & Quenzer A.G. Idar/Oberstein.. 1st class with swords.
  13. BTW, Don... Picked this up the other day...
  14. Hi Don, Good to see you made it here... I'm looking forward to seeing some more of those nice pieces... :food-smiley-004:
  15. A bar to a career soldier..