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  1. Just adding a few as we go along.... Still on the early pre-war types, here's a rather exotic variation of a PB by 'Juncker'... Silver plate on Tombak, this PB was probably produced as a private order or presentation piece to be worn on an officer's evening dress or parade uniform.. 'Juncker' produced solid, '800' marked, silver examples, so this particular piece, being plated, would have been considered a poor man's equivalent... The 'recon' clasp is only added for effect...
  2. Looks like a Lanc'... One thing is for sure....this 'crew' won't be flying this particular aircraft as they are German troops.. Interesting picture, any history on it? here's a picture of a Lanc with crew..
  3. Unknown maker..without swords.
  4. Klein & Quenzer A.G. Idar/Oberstein.. 1st class with swords.
  5. BTW, Don... Picked this up the other day...
  6. Hi Don, Good to see you made it here... I'm looking forward to seeing some more of those nice pieces... :food-smiley-004:
  7. A bar to a career soldier..
  8. NSDAP 15/10 year service set...
  9. Another 'round three' EK2 group....
  10. Dual purpose bar the a member of a 'Panzer' group.. This one has a round 3 EK2.
  11. A little KM/Olympic bar..
  12. Come on, Nick, don't be modest... I know you've got a few more bars to show.. Here's a full frontal of that 'Westwall' bar...
  13. J Temple-West

    U-Boat Badges

    Truely exceptional pieces, Gordon.. I know that people rave on about 'Schwerin' being the best.... But, that 'Juncker'!! Sweet piece... Sorry for the interruption..
  14. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  15. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    Standard EK2 on parade mount...
  16. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    A few '100, W&L' marked +'s...
  17. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  18. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    Nice mint 'Schinkel' with magnetic core and different font style...
  19. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

  20. J Temple-West

    Schinkel Form EKs

    schinkel with the same font style but with a non-magnetic core..