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  1. My first impression (and I may well be wrong) is that the age, and overall wear, of the ribbons and backing cloth does not match the amount of wear that the pin shows, the stitching of the backing cloth is also a little too neat... something I've encountered on post war bars. Again, and only a gut feeling....this to me looks like a bar that was assembled, post war.
  2. "Small"...but perfectly formed, I have to say. The 1st pattern E-Boat War Badge (Schnellboot Kriegsabzeichen) is very nice. Also, great to see an original war time watch officer badge...a very hard piece to find in any condition.
  3. I wouldn't dismiss the Heer flak badge too soon. This "LM" mark is found predominantly on war badges of the Kriegsmarine and is thought to have a connection with the maker Hermann Aurich, Dresden. As can be seen, the flak badge has the characteristics of badges produced by Aurich and as if I remember correctly....other badges, both marked and unmarked have been found and tend, for some reason, to be heavily corroded.
  4. A very Nice example by FLL (Friedrich Linden - Ludenscheid), Paul Good choice of maker as FLL pieces tend to keep the finish intact.
  5. Just in is this Flak badge by the maker, Wilhelm Deumer - Lüdenscheid. In zinc with brass hinge and catch, Flak badges by this maker are scarce...so was pleased when this one arrived today. Cheers, Pat.
  6. Fascinating! Please thank the collector for allowing us to see his items...and thank you for the photo's.
  7. Instituted on the 22nd June 1942 as a qualification badge for Air Gunners/Flight Engineers, the design of the badge was virtually the same as the earlier Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge except for the eagle's talons being in the open position - without lightning bolts. Those who had qualified, prior to June 1942, as an Air Gunner and held the Radio Operator/Air Gunner qualification badge were ordered to remove the lightning bolts, either in-field or by jewellers, hence the reason for earlier badges being found without bolts but having remnants left in the closed talons of the eagle. From 1942, makers began producing Air Gunner/Flight Engineer's badges (all in zinc) and the example below (just in) is an early type by the company of F.W Assmann & Söhne - Ludenscheid. With a lightly plated wreath & darkened eagle, this example was most likely unissued as it has retained most of the factory finish. Later examples were finished with a wash to the wreath which, in a large percentage of badges, was absorbed by the zinc....so, to find a badge of this date with the finish intact is quite hard to find nowadays, and I thank the seller for having it in stock. A couple of other makers of the AG/FE badge: B&NL (Berg & Nolte - Ludenscheid) C.E Juncker - Berlin.
  8. I would be very interested in seeing the examples you have in your collection, bullie. Time to get that camera out.
  9. J Temple-West

    Translation needed

    Many thanks to all Gives me a good starting place.....just what was needed.
  10. Portrait of a pilot, dated 29th March 1944.... Unfortunately I can't make out the rest. Can anyone help?
  11. I have to say that I don't like this one very much. The lack of anti-slip spiral on the pin, and overall softness/lack of detail of the eagle, is a worry.
  12. I think you're right, Paul... an original in silver in very nice condition. What unit was the relative in?
  13. An early example, in tombak, by Rudolf A. Karneth & Söhne, Gablonz Maker mark.
  14. Morning, Dennis It looks like an original to me.... Regarding; "as you can see from the picture that was posted by the seller the clasp is missing and had at one time been badly soldered on, why bother trying to solder a broken clasp back on if the medal was a replica, it could easily be replaced?" believe me, fakers and unscrupulous sellers of fakes will try anything to pass a fake off as an original. Taking a fake (either old or new) and making it look like it has a period repair is only one of the many methods used to fool the unwary. Oh, the joys of collecting.
  15. A classic example you have there, Paul..... and I thought you were selling the collection before the move north? So, the question is; how does one get over the 'collecting bug'?
  16. Not a bad starting point, but I think that you could push for a little more.
  17. Good morning, Auckland...and welcome to the forum. Going on these pics I would say that you have an original Luftwaffe Observer's badge by the maker Gebrüder Wegerhoff, Lüdenscheid (GWL). And yes, you are right….GWL pieces are highly sort after, and can be expensive…but it’s all about condition. The missing reverse hardware is going to seriously affect the value. That having been said, It is a piece of history and I’m sure that you will have no problem selling it. So, dealers, forum sales sections (such as ours), auctions sites (military). An internet search should bring up some options. For comparison, here is an example of a complete badge by the same maker.
  18. Luftwaffe EM/NCO sword Luftwaffe Dolch....
  19. Hi, Steve I have to say; it's a hard one to call. These (of course, not to be considered as proof positive) have been up for sale on some well known dealer sites, for good money. Having handled a few TENO Honour Badges, in my time, I have a few niggling doubts about this type. Not much help, I know... Hopefully, some of the other members will be able to give a more informed opinion. Guys?
  20. While cleaning out some boxes in the loft, in preparation for some maintenance, I came across one containing some bits and pieces picked up over the years and almost forgotten…. Armbands.. Of the many armbands produced in Germany during the TR period for political/civilian organizations, armed forces and foreign allies….here are a few examples found in the box. If any member has armbands in their collection and can post them, perhaps we could end up with a database of the full range. 1st up... SS Member's Armband.
  21. I would have to agree with Jock on this one..... Apart from the softness, all the examples I've seen have a set of maker marks and codes on the back.
  22. None of the characteristics of an original... here are some examples of the RO/AG badge by W.Deumer. an early one in nickel silver. in zinc...