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  1. Wow! Superb, Robin... But....surely you need shields with backing cloths for all three branches.
  2. Gentlemen, how about a database of all Luftwaffe RK winners? There were 1785 RK?s awarded to members of the Luftwaffe. If you have any photos or postcards of these winners, post them here. I?ll start off with the few that I have, some I have on file, and keep the list up to date as they come in. The best of any duplicates will be kept. Anyone who sees a photo or card that belongs to them and objects to it being posted in this thread let me know and I?ll either give them the appropriate credit or delete the image. Over to you.. Firstly, here's a photo to give you a little flavour of the world of the knight's Cross winner.
  3. Hi, Stephen What I'll do is, I'll send your pictures to a very good friend who is considered an expert in the field of glider pilot's and all that is connected to the subject for an opinion. it may take a little time due to the time of year... but we'll get there. bear with me
  4. Sorry, Stephen...even though I took a double take when seeing the front of this badge... I would give this one the "thumbs down". It looks to be a casting of a glider pilot's badge by the maker Brüder Schneider - Wien (BSW). Even if the reverse hardware was replaced, at some point, the characteristics (bubbling of the zinc during production/retention of detail/type of rivet etc) of the maker's zinc badges are just not there in my opinion. For comparison: an early example by BSW.
  5. Have moved this topic to this section.... In answer to your concerns...follow this link to your topic on your Air Gunner badge. http://gmic.co.uk/topic/69954-luftwaffe-air-gunners-badge/
  6. Regarding the Pilot's badge.... The "CEJ" maker mark, for the firm of C.E Juncker-Berlin, was only used on very early pre-war badges, such as the examples below. For comparison: 1st pattern Pilot's badge (left), 1st pattern Pilot/Observer badge by Juncker
  7. Hi, Stephen A post-war cast copy, I'm afraid...as is, as has already been said, the PB. To give you some idea as to the superb badges that W. Deumer produced, have a look at the badges below and compare them to your example.
  8. Nice, Don...I know who to burgle. Quite amazing how they managed to maintain the detail in their mini production. eg: Here is the cap badge ( maker: Berg & Nolte - Lüdenscheid) of the DLV with membership mini below....
  9. The smaller pin-back version is not too hard to find...but this one is. measuring 3.1cm with a buttonhole attachment by the maker, Karl Wurster - Markneukirchen.
  10. The first two (Heer and Kriegsmarine) are new to the collection. Heer.... Maker is still a bit of a mystery, but, going on the reverse hardware, I am leaning toward W.Deumer as a good possibility. Kriegsmarine... Nicely marked with the "A" for F.W Assmann - Ludenscheid Luftwaffe... I've chosen this example from the collection as it's a known unmarked example from the factory of Wilhelm Deumer and gives a good comparison for the heer eagle that started the thread...slightly different hinge, but a very similar setup overall.
  11. Romanian Medal for Manhood and Loyalty: if the crossed swords are silver - 2nd Class if the crossed swords are gilt - 1st Class
  12. The backing cloth could possibly be a later addition by the recipient (often seen)...but medals, construction of the bar,backing plate all look to be period correct.
  13. could we see a shot of the reverse...
  14. Pity about condition...pieces by Rudolf Wachtler & Lange, Mittweida (100) are renowned for keeping their finish. Still, nice gift!
  15. They don't make them like that anymore...
  16. 'G L' - Luftwaffe General Luftzeugmeister (civil technicians)
  17. Here you go, Rob...as requested. 2nd pattern eagle, 3rd pattern (factory darkened) tombak wreath by C E Juncker - Berlin. This example has some slight darkening to the gilding....most likely from the case. I don't think it was ever issued. Obverse
  18. Dave You could always post your items in our sale room... http://gmic.co.uk/forum/35-the-old-sale-room-resurrected/
  19. A superb set, Stewy It always amazes me how well pieces from Wächtler & Lange keep their finish.
  20. Well, you learn something new every day.....this is what I love about this hobby. Nice to be able to add Karl Hensler to the list of makers of the Russian Front Medal. Cheers, Stewy
  21. A hard one to find, Stewy. As you say, pity about the catch....but all part of its history.
  22. No problems with that one.....
  23. Morning, Andreas More likely to be an on-board produced flotilla cap badge rather than for a particular u-boat. this one is for the 2nd U-boat Flotilla...the link will give you a little more information on the group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2nd_U-boat_Flotilla