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  1. The first two (Heer and Kriegsmarine) are new to the collection. Heer.... Maker is still a bit of a mystery, but, going on the reverse hardware, I am leaning toward W.Deumer as a good possibility. Kriegsmarine... Nicely marked with the "A" for F.W Assmann - Ludenscheid Luftwaffe... I've chosen this example from the collection as it's a known unmarked example from the factory of Wilhelm Deumer and gives a good comparison for the heer eagle that started the thread...slightly different hinge, but a very similar setup overall.
  2. Romanian Medal for Manhood and Loyalty: if the crossed swords are silver - 2nd Class if the crossed swords are gilt - 1st Class
  3. The backing cloth could possibly be a later addition by the recipient (often seen)...but medals, construction of the bar,backing plate all look to be period correct.
  4. The smaller pin-back version is not too hard to find...but this one is. measuring 3.1cm with a buttonhole attachment by the maker, Karl Wurster - Markneukirchen.
  5. Pity about condition...pieces by Rudolf Wachtler & Lange, Mittweida (100) are renowned for keeping their finish. Still, nice gift!
  6. Dave You could always post your items in our sale room... http://gmic.co.uk/forum/35-the-old-sale-room-resurrected/
  7. A superb set, Stewy It always amazes me how well pieces from Wächtler & Lange keep their finish.
  8. Well, you learn something new every day.....this is what I love about this hobby. Nice to be able to add Karl Hensler to the list of makers of the Russian Front Medal. Cheers, Stewy
  9. A hard one to find, Stewy. As you say, pity about the catch....but all part of its history.
  10. Morning, Andreas More likely to be an on-board produced flotilla cap badge rather than for a particular u-boat. this one is for the 2nd U-boat Flotilla...the link will give you a little more information on the group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2nd_U-boat_Flotilla
  11. I agree with Jerry....the 70's saw a lot of etched bayonets hitting the market...some quite well done, using original templates..... some with fantasy artwork. I wouldn't write this one off just yet as the etching appears to have certain elements that were used by the firm F.W Holler - Solingen. The problem with etched bayo's is that even with decent pictures it's hard to give an opinion without having the piece in hand
  12. A very nice example of an original "DLV" stickpin you have there, Gerd. These multi piece membership badges also come with a button hole setup, and are getting harder to find.
  13. As a point of interest, here is the same Juncker maker mark on their late Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge. This one obtained from the family.
  14. A very nice "Berlin SW 68" marked 3rd pattern Flak Badge. A lot of Juncker Flak badges are often regarded as fakes due to poor production strikes, but this one is a crisp example..Juncker at its best. This badge type can be found with both round wire as well as the flat wire catch that this badge has. The repair to the hinge pin only adds to the history of the piece, imo..... and wonderful that it remains in the family.
  15. And an even older acquisition. Again for female recipients.... Service medal for German Social Welfare.
  16. Cheers, Stan... Had this one for a lot of years...thought I would dig it out to photograph. women's 1937 pattern DRK Cross, 2nd class.
  17. Very nice, Paul. it must have taken an age to lay all that out for photographing....You really need to get a hobby.
  18. All I know of him is that he is/was considered to be a seller of fakes that still cause problems in the collecting community today.
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