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  1. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a small collection of Greek ODM. All pieces have different lenghts of ribbons. Does anybody know, if there is some regulation what should be the ribbon lenght? Regards Jan
  3. Hello, the weight of my star is 112 grams. regards Jan By the way, can you tell us who is the buyer to beware?
  4. Hi, these medals are quite common, cheap. Have a look on ebay. Regards Jan
  5. Hello guys, can someone tell me, if these medals are originals or not? And what would be their price? Regards Jan
  6. Hello Alex, nothing wrong. It is an original piece. Regards Jan
  7. Thanks, I will try them. Somebody else?
  8. Hello guys, I have decided to improve my small Greek collection. Can you advice some Greek dealers? Thanks. Jan
  9. Thank you very much guys
  10. Hello friends, one dealer is offering me two Chinese (?) orders. They are nice, I like them but I dont have any knowledge about this area. So I would highly appreciate replies on my following questions: what is it what are the correct ribbons, is it possible to buy them what mean the inscriptions on orders originals or fakes fair price Thanks Jan
  11. You are right Owain, normal simple envolope is not sufficient for such a heavy book. But I wanted to show the size and the number of post stamps. Jan
  12. Hello, I have finally received the book. Unfortunately I can not read Arabic but most probaly there is not too much informations inside. Quality of pictures is poor, but I'm glad I have it, because there are several medals included that I never seen elsewhere. I do not write this post here to tell you that I have also bought the book, but to show you the envelope in which it came. Regards Jan
  13. Hello Daniel, the corect name is Order of Labor( no red). Your piece is from period of 1961 - 1989. Totaly 8 870 pieces were awarded. Before 1961 when the design was altered (ČSSR instead of ČSR) 1 531 pices were awarded. It is a question, whether orders with old symbols were used after 1961 or not. After the fall of communist régime some 1 600 unawarded pieces remained in the Presidential office and were sold in a public auction. If you give me the number of order(I am not able to read it from your picture) I will give you the name of receipent. This order is common and sells at some USD 70,-. More details you can find here. Regards Jan