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  1. Hello guys, I have acquired this medal some 30 years ago. It seems to be made from gold, but no any markings on it. Diameter is 25,98 mm, thickness 2,25 mm. I undestand what is it because I can read Cyrillic. But I would appreciate if somebody can give more informations. How many was awarded? One best graduate in the year or all graduates who successfully pased examinations of 10 or so best ones? What quality of gold is used? What could be a recent price on the market? Thanks. Jan
  2. What beatifull badges!! Would you recommend me some web where I could find more informations about imperial German navy aviation, like organisation etc.? Regards Jan
  3. Hello, I need ribbons for following medals. Can somebody offer? Regards Jan
  4. Maybe something masonic?
  5. I am collecting more than 50 years but never seen such a medal. For sure it is not a Czechoslovak official award.
  6. Hello, somebody is offering me Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero. I hope there is no danger of fakes. Can somebody tell me what should be the fair price? Thanks Jan
  7. Hello Craig, try these people: https://www.stuha.cz/?lang=2 they are the biggest ribbon producer in the region. Jan
  8. Hello, this is second class badge. First class is silver with gilt shield, third class is bronze. The price is some USD 30,-on local market, see here. https://www.aurea.cz/Katalog43/044kat6401.htm Regards Jan
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    Pilot badges

    Thank you.
  10. Hello, somebody is offering on ebay following badges. Your opinion on authenticity please. Jan
  11. bilylev

    Pilot badges

    Thank you very much.
  12. Hello, following are belgian recipients of White Lion 4th class: Name Date of birth Date of award Remark ANSPACH, Paul 1882 2.3.1939 chairman (Fédération Internationale 'Escrime ) ANTOINE, Léon 1865 18.2.1927 journalist in St. Vith CARRON, Marcel 1892 20.10.1923 captain commandant DEFRAITÉUR, Raoul Laurent 1895 31.7.1935 staff captain of general staff Alexandre Gaspard DELCOURT, Félicien Francois 1889 20.10.1932 chairman of exibition comitee of Ghislain International exibition of catolic Press Bruxelles 1930 DETAILLE, René Georges 1898 17.10.1947 editor of Le Soir DIEPENRYKS, Pierre Jean 1896 1.12.1934 major FORGEUR, Edgar Marie 1877 30.6.1932 Commissioner of the Department of Constantin Electricity at the exhibition in Liege FRAIKIN, Joseph 1873 31.8.1927 bank director in Liége ISERENTANT, E. L. F. 1888 20.10.1923 captain commandant IWEINS DE WAVRANS, Gaston 1885 20.10.1923 Deputy Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs LEURQUIN, Raimond Jean 1885 26.9.1933 Deputy Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs LIÉGEOIS, Camille 1876 30.6.1932 General director Ministry of Science and the Arts LOCHT, Alphonse 1885 30.7.1934 Legation Secretary of the Belgian Embassy in Prague LOICQ, Paul Léon Eugen 1888 12.2.1938 Chairman of the International Canadian Hockey League PARMENTIER, William Arthur ? 7.6.1934 captain, member of the Belgian king mission to Czechoslovakia for the purpose notification of the king's ascension to the throne RADIGUES DE 1889 31.8.1927 Deputy Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs CHENNEVIERE, Charles Marie Guillaume de REISDORFF, Achille Jean 1889 16.1.1931 Honorary Chairman of the International Federation of Veterans – FIDAC REYNDERS, Francois Jean 1876 18.2.1937 President of the International Journalism Léopold Union RODHAIN, Marie Joseph 1877 5.12.1936 Director of Maritime Companies RUZETTE, Etienne de 1894 20.10.1923 Legation Secretary in Bruges SILVAERTS, Charles 1888 31.12.1936 ltcolonel of the Health Service SMETS, Jean Joseph 1873 26.10.1936 Deputy Director of the Ministry of Justice SNOY D´OPPUERS, Jean- 1907 28.11.1936 Baron, Director of the Ministry of Charles Economic Affairs SNOY, Robert M. G. 1879 2.2.1928 Baron, Managing Director of the International Sleep wagons Company in Paris SUETENS, Maximilien Richard 1891 31.8.1927 General Director of the Ministry of Léon Marie Foreign Affairs VAN BAERLEM, Adolphe 1885 20.10.1923 deputy director Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jacques VAN CUTSEM, R. 1890 20.10.1923 captain, commandant VAN DER LINDEN, Fred 1883 27.4.1937 Journalist, member of the Belgian Colonial Council, former cabinet Chief of General Governor of Belgian Congo VANDERLINDEN, Ernest 1886 27.6.1928 a banker in Luxembourg, a former Czechoslovak honorary consul WERNER, Robert 1895 24.11.1928 honorary consul of Czechoslovakia in Antwerp, trader I hope this will help to identify the officer. Jan
  13. Hello, the White Lion has different widths of colour strips. But it is quite possible that the officer was not able to obtain the correct ribbon and his medal dealer used similar one. If you know the name of the officer I would check if he was awarded by White Lion. Reghards Jan
  14. Hello, I understand, that so called Pilot -Cosmonaut badge is not an official badge but a privately made badge to make profit. Can you clarify? Regards
  15. Hello, according to an article published two years ago by Central military archives Prague, it was first produced 500 pieces of the medal and shortly after another 300 pieces. There is no difference between both emmisions. From documents available it is clear, that no further medals were produced. Till June 2nd 1949 596 pieces was awarded. It is quite probale, that some medals were awarded later. Regards Jan See: http://www.vuapraha.cz/sites/default/files/documents/rocenka_vha_2014.pdf
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    Poland help with this?

    Hello, ČSR means Československá Republika (Czechoslovak Republic), not socialist. This was an official abbreviation of the country since 1918. I have never seen such a badge before but it seems to be so called patriotic badge, I estimate from WW2 era, when different exile organisations were issuing them in big quantities. The name of the country was changed 1961 on Československá Socialistická Republika (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic), abbrevation ČSSR. In the years 1990 - 1992 the name was changed on Česká a Slovenská Federativní Republika, abbrevation ČSFR. Since 1992 the name is Česká Republika (Czech Republic), abbrevation ČR. All these abbrevations are used on medals. Regards Jan
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    Poland help with this?

    Hello, CSR means Czechoslovak Republic, not socialist. This was an official abbreviation of the country since 1918. I have never seen such a badge before but it seems to be so called patriotic badge, I estimate from WW2 era, when different exile organisations were issuing them in big quantities. Regards Jan
  18. Hello guys, can someone tell me, if these medals are originals or not? And what would be their price? Regards Jan
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    Hello, I have a small collection of Greek ODM. All pieces have different lenghts of ribbons. Does anybody know, if there is some regulation what should be the ribbon lenght? Regards Jan
  21. Hello, the weight of my star is 112 grams. regards Jan By the way, can you tell us who is the buyer to beware?
  22. Thanks, they were expensive.
  23. Hi, these medals are quite common, cheap. Have a look on ebay. Regards Jan
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    Czech victory medal.

    Hello Alex, nothing wrong. It is an original piece. Regards Jan