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  1. Hi Mervyn ....I havent done anything more about getting the history of my spears documented - it requires a special trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town for that. Will do after April 2010 due to the priority of finishing my manuscript first on the Viscount disasters. Cheers....Keith
  2. Thanks Mervyn for posting these pics- agreed the images are too dark and the shaft on image 1 isn't irregular as it appears - Seems like the situation is "who wants to buy a cheap camera cheap"? - wasn't mine - lol Will provide info on spears asap. Don't associate with the camera. :-) Kind regards Keith
  3. Thanks Mervyn for your interest. As a newcomer to GMI, I'm a bit worried about being "off topic" but here goes - I served in the Rhodesian SAS during the bush war. My book (which is also a reference book) is about the Viscount disasters in which 107 holidaymakers and crew were killed by terrorists who brought down these aircraft with SAM 7 missiles. It covers the actual air crashes to how the perpetrators were located and dealt with. Any photographs, pics of victims, eulogies etc - are very welcome (I do have many - including those taken by Scope magazine). The book title is "VISCOUNT DOWN" - manuscript should be completed end April 2010. Pics of the spears will be ready Wednesday/Thursday this week. Will ask you to post them here for me (please). Salaams Keith
  4. Hi, My wife informs me that she has lent our camera to my daughter who is on holiday for a week! lol. Will make another plan re the photos. The history behind these spears however, is not all hearsay - I am able to get proof that the 1st DC of Vt Vic was the great grandfather of the person who sold me the spears - how his great g/father obtained them fits in with the historical circumstances of the time and place is documented in a book that he gave to me - as well as the name of the DC. There will be a bit of homework for me to do to get this all authenticated but nevertheless - I believe it can be done. Have noted the problem of posting photos as a new member - thanks for mentioning! Will be in touch soon. Cheers, Keith
  5. Hello Mervyn, I'm new here so please bear with me. In 1893 King Lobengula presented 2 ceremonial spears to the first District Commissioner in Ft Victoria (now in Zimbabwe) as a bribe to allow his warriors to pass through that area in order to plunder Shona tribe folk. The DC didnt allow the request but nevertheless retained the spears which I now have. When I figure out how to post a photo of the spears here, I will (tomorrow) - but meantime these are the descriptions with dimensions. Spear No 1 has the same blade profile as in your 1st posting - 34cms long tapered to a 4cms metal stock before reaching the braided wood shaft. The braiding is 24.5 cms long followed by 15.5cms of wood handle - then 3cms of braiding - then 53.5cms wood shaft - then 2cms braiding followed by 3,5 cms of wood shaft to the end of the spear. The shaft is tapered gradually to be larger at the end. Total length = 140.5cms. Spear No 2 has the same shaped blade 22,5cms long with an iron stock 13cms long to the braided wooden shaft. The braid is 23cms long - then 2.5cms wood shaft - then 4cms braid - then 3.75cms shaft - then 2,25cms braid - then 46.5cms wood shaft - then 2,5cms braid - then 4,5cms wood shaft - then 0,75 braid - then 2,5cms wood shaft and finally 9cms of leather thong up to the end. Total length 136 cms. The copper braiding on both these spears is unbelievably exquisite - I cannot imagine how it was done so prefectly. These items should be with a collector - how do I find out what theyre worth and how does one go about selling them? Many thanks, Keith