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  1. Lingqi

    Wearing other state orders, Chinese Empire officials

    good work, surely we want to see more to come. I will go through my files and see if I can contribute any later.
  2. Hi Guys, pls check out this variation on Ebay, fake?
  3. Lingqi

    Medal of Friendship

    nice medal, unfortunately these type of medal has no serious number, only certificates.
  4. Lingqi

    Chinese badges identification?

    The design of the badge is a bit unusual, especially the enamel on the reverse side. The obverse is the eagle on the top, it says Class one Merit Medal with two flags. The round one it is also Class one medal with four characters which I couldn't read. I think they could be authentic. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Lingqi


    I wish I knew this earlier, a few were sold at bargain price. lucky buyers.
  6. Lingqi

    Chinese war medal collectors

    Hi Frank, some part of enamel seems repaired particularly the white enamel on the left hand side flag. This part looks to me thicker than the red and yellow ones above. So it could be repaired before. Apart from that, the medal itself looks authentic to me.
  7. Lingqi

    Japanese Manchukuo

    Yes, it is indeed. It is from a flying school.
  8. Lingqi

    Pins , Badges

    Hi Petro, The badges you posted mainly from China, some of them are warlord period, some of them are from Taiwan post 1949, some of them are issued by P. R. China (post 1949). Some of them are from other countries like Japan, Korean and some other country.
  9. I will add $10 to what ever USAIRFORCE offer. haha.
  10. Lingqi

    id plase?

    KimKan is correct, definitely North Korean badge.
  11. Lingqi

    Chinese war medal collectors

    Hi Petro, Thanks for sharing, it is not common to have the original document. The medal itself is not that rare, I think the listing price is not realistic. The market in china is very soft. The people collecting medals is far less than people collecting coins and stamps. I have been collecting chinese warlord medals for over ten years and I wouldn't pay that much. Anyway, good luck to the seller.
  12. Lingqi

    Hoping for information Golden grain

    Hi Guys, the medal is issued by " Etiquette and Custom Division under the department of the Imperial Household", this type of medal is not very rare and has no serious number, however it is made in silver. With Golden Grain, I can't help too much unless we found the official record.
  13. I have applied, now it is pending...
  14. Lingqi

    Medal for Labor "mirror reverse"

    interesting. It is thinner compared to normal ones? Maybe the mint run out of silver back then..
  15. Lingqi

    Sukhbaatar Order

    Hi All, what is current market price for pin-back and screw-back generally speaking? anyone got any idea, I only got a pin-back one cost me USD2850 probably three to four years ago.