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  1. Predator Class PB

    Tell us more Johnsy, we're all ears?!
  2. Last Days of the Leopard

    A very good tank indeed, though I'm sure they'll be more than happy with the Abrams!
  3. USS Missouri

    Excellent pictures Bob, thank you......
  4. Amazing. I do regular internet searches for anything to do with tanks, yet have never seen this. Thanks for posting it up! Amos.
  5. Tank Overhaul

    Gutted I've missed the programmes, especially one with a Panther. I saw the programme on Discovery where they restored a Centurian ARV, but this sounds much more like the real deal. I was looking at T62's for sale on the internet, you can pick them up now for about ?35K. Might need a bigger garage though....... Amos.
  6. SA 80 again

    Three grand for a de-ac?!!!!
  7. Tank Overhaul

    Sounds good! I wonder when we'll be getting it this side of the pond? Amos.
  8. Royal Marine commando Bearded men...

    I wonder why they call him 'Swampy'........ Suprised that 4x4 wasn't brassed up the second it appeared. Good vid, stay safe boys........ Amos
  9. An upsetting bringback

    Unbelievable. As you say though Paul, a nice reminder as to why our people are out there. You and all your colleaugues have our gratitude buddy.... Amos.
  10. Ram tanks

    That's a very comprehensive site! Thanks for posting, and welcome to the GMIC..... Amos.
  11. Victoria Cross- Afganistan

    Quite right too! People in this country seem to have forgotten that our boys are still out there...... Amos.
  12. HMS Victory

    Ralph, WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!!!! Superb, what a conversation piece! Amos.
  13. Tank ID

    I meant Panzer VI of course, not IV!!