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  1. well thanks alot - not into belgium - guess this is my first one! (came to me in a group of goodies)
  2. Anyone know what this is???? Looks like a MVK but it isn't
  3. Ok I understand the lack of swords for the type - but how can you tell the whole medal is homemade? I look at it and compare with mvk's of my own and the actual body looks ok along with the enamel! I really would love to get a show and tell thing going for the community - similiar to the really nice 1870 EK one on medalnet! From my standpoint one of the best ways to end fraud is to expose and drive out - the more people know the less these people can survive! (I would never do WW2 medals - seems like almost all of them are bad fakes!)
  4. For those of us newer collectors please explain the issues with that cross - I am many others would be greatly interested in hearing!
  5. zarusthra

    Brass EK2...

    pics do not do the color justice and yes that is center damage
  6. I picked up this recently and it is definately a non-iron brass with a very cool look! Anybody have any knowledge? I know they were made in brass for naval use
  7. From my knowledge of zinc - number 1 is zinc - number 2 looks like war metal wich is basically anything they can throw into a melt pot the mushiness would come from metals with different properties being combined in a somewhat crude way btw war metal is back - seen a lot of electronics from china using that type of thrown together material!!! war metal is nice term used for a country running out of raw materials for anything - especially metal (zinc had a lot of uses near the end in 1918 hence using any junk for what they deemed as not critical applications!
  8. I saw it before - and would love to ask - how did you quickly from a pic see it was a hemmerle???? I know your experience but what traits do you look for first on mvk's to so quickly spot the who made it and whether it is a fake! I can id a mauser bayo from 100 feet away but that is by form - trying to learn more about this area and the details!
  9. zarusthra

    Need help with Gew 98 furniture!

    I agree on the craftsman made way if fixing the problem - what my issue is with that is not having one to use as a pattern! I have a wall of 98k's and their variants but alas only this g98 - i have more furniture on my 71/84's and 88 commisions! I am almost at the point of getting a second g98 complete to use for reference - but for the last several years I have only seen WAY overpriced examples at gun shows!
  10. zarusthra

    1870 eks....

    Thanks I compared it to all the ek2 pics of confirmed good and looks like a type A - of course do not have another one to check the feel but there is no way to fake the feel of a period item! At least my experience with other items
  11. I have had a really nice 1915 erfurt G98 that has a lot of character and charm but has one problem - missing upper handguard! Anyone know someone who has one or anybody who makes them?
  12. zarusthra

    1870 eks....

    Last pic Hope these give enough details!
  13. zarusthra

    1870 eks....

  14. zarusthra

    1870 eks....

    Well I thought so on the 1st class - being painted - being too new (I have handled enough old stuff to sniff out age!) plus I got it for basically a copy price! (If it had been real I would have been quite excited but was pretty sure it was not when I got it) What quick ways do you use to determine? I have looked at a number of supposedly reputable dealers 1870 ek1's and I have to say a lot of them look awfully questionable for 1000 to 2000 dollars! Here are more pics of the EK2 - which when you have both in yours hands is everything the EK1 is not! Definately blackened not painted and looks very very type A - no ninth bead etc. - it feels 140 years old