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  1. Here's one you don't see everyday.
  2. Thank you. tom
  3. Thank you very much Nick for your information. Is this badge very common? Tom
  4. Thanks Nick, so its kind of merit badge? Do you know what it was awarded for? Tom
  5. Here is the reverse.
  6. I recently picked up this medal and cannot ID it. Can somebody please help me out? Thanks Tom
  7. Thank you very much Nick, you are the man! Tom
  8. Hi all, I recently picked up this Japanese badge that I would assume is for a shooting competition. Has anyone else ever seen this one and can someone please let me know what the reverse inscription says? Thank you all very much. Tom Sorry about the pictures being upside down. I don't know why this happened. Tom
  9. Thank you
  10. Thank you JapanX for the link to that thread. You certainly have the ultimate collection! Has there been any new information on what it was awarded for? Tom
  11. Can anyone please tell me what this decoration was awarded for? Thank you, Tom
  12. Thank you very much James for that information! Tom
  13. Thank you Fukuoka, that is is great website.
  14. Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your efforts.
  15. Hi JapanX, here is a close up of the writing. Are you able to translate it? thank you for your efforts.