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  1. Scabby Rat

    Bayonet Drill Dies Of Boredom

    It masy be dead in the US Army but not in the British Army. My son is an Infantry Instructor and still teaches Bayonet Drill, with the age old encouragement to, "Show your Killing face, get at him and give him three inches, thats all, three cold killing inches of steel, I guarantee he,ll be off like a scared bunny afore you get near him, etc etc etc ". And guess what, the recruits LOVE it.
  2. Poor chap, that look tells a well known tale..."Ohhh Sh*t, more bloody propaganda piccys, I am so hacked off with this poxy war, roll on my 22".
  3. Looks like Victorias Funeral, but early on in the procession as the 'osses being used to tow the gun carrige got spooked and so all the Matelots they could muster were shanghied into what has become the traditional way of transporting our monarchs to their interment. More dignified IMHO.
  4. Scabby Rat


    Looks like he,s a bandsman at some US Military Academy
  5. I believe these guys were known as Field Bishops or summat.