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  1. Jim Baker

    The "Infamous" "Medal detective"

    I saw that one of his PH's he returned to the family (with press coverage of course) was sold on Ebay about two months later. He just doesn't get it.
  2. Jim Baker

    Joe Biden Medal of Freedom

    This is the one "celebrities" receive.
  3. Jim Baker

    Artistic Crosses

    To honor the dead.
  4. Jim Baker

    Artistic Crosses

    From the dead.....
  5. Jim Baker

    WW1 Uniforms...all nations

    US Armor.
  6. Jim Baker

    Night Stalkers recognized for valor

    I believe so. My Mother-In-Law mentioned his being decorated and the time frame is right. He is currently in Afganistan (again) only now I believe he is attached to the 101st AB.
  7. Jim Baker

    Researched Purple heart...

    Just catching up on many old threads. Wanted to say this is a very nice, and well researched heart. Congrats.
  8. Jim Baker

    Night Stalkers recognized for valor

    Interesting. My Brother-In-Law was a Night Stalker at that time.
  9. Jim Baker

    Vietnam Silver Star ,BS, PH Group

    Agreed. The BS is clearly an atta boy. The wording is intentionally left vague so that for all we know, he came up with a more efficient method of filing casualty reports. The SS would have been awarded for an act of valor.
  10. Jim Baker


    Bump... :cool:
  11. Jens, Nice star. The BB&B are the best. I have one ID'd by the number from early WWII.
  12. Jim Baker

    Combat Infantry Badge

    Travis, That one is very clean. I wouldn't say these are super rare. Keep a close eye on eBay and you will see them pop up every once in a while. Look closely, because I have seen these listed and nothing in the description mentioned it being two piece. I just happened to notice the separation.
  13. Jim Baker

    KIA purple heart North Africa

    Scott, This sure is a nice heart! I got the unit history, so when I get off my lazy duff, I'll do a little more looking. Just been too crazy a year for much research.
  14. Darrell, Nice! I was wondering who got this one.
  15. Jim Baker

    24th division 24th Calvary recon. Troop

    Scott, I have one for: 1st Lieutenant Gordon E. Burt 21st Cavalry Recon Troop Americal Division KIA at Leyte February 14, 1945 Killed by enemy landmine. Let me know what else you find out about your guy. Jim