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  1. My only Lifesaving ribbon My only Lifesaving ribbon 35 Preussen 104 Hamburg 159 Sachsen 187 Württemberg
  2. Buy the lamp of ultraviolet light and ... I thought Weitze was legit?
  3. Greetings gentlemen Could someone tell me which unit they belong to? Thank you
  4. I think they belong to the 1 Garde Regiment zu Fuß If not, I would appreciate any comments. Thank you
  5. Greetings gentlemen I wanted to show some Epauletten that I had forgotten in a box for years
  6. Thank you very much to all. Here are more photos And the other medals they are original?
  7. Here are photos from the back Yes it's magnetic
  8. I want to share this ribbonbar, which I love. It's simple, but I like it.
  9. Hello, gentlemen, can anybody help me Can an iron cross, so ugly, be original? What do you guys think of this Medal Bar? Kind regards
  10. A pair of shoulder pads that will suit this Waffenrock very well
  11. Greetings gentlemen I would like to share my new acquisition: Generaladjutant von Kaiser Wilhelm I General der ….. à la Suite des 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß

    Very thankful