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  1. Are there differences between a cross from 1870 and one from 1914? Here a detail of Generalleutnant a.D. Karl Nehbel's bar Here STRUBBERG - OTTO JULIUS WILHELM MAXIMILIAN VON STRUBBERG (1821-1908)
  2. Here is the complete bar
  3. <div id="inner-editor"></div> 14/5000 Thank you very much
  4. I just bought this EK My subject is the uniforms and I do not know these pieces very well. Can someone tell me something about it? Thank you very much
  5. I think it may interest Is not mine, belonged to the collection of the Army Museum of Madrid. And the measures
  6. for now, a photo inside the cabinet during this week I promise better photos
  7. now a Saxon Generaladjutant M.1910 It belonged to General Louis Friedrich Traugott Freiherr Leuckart von Weißdorf (03.11.1857 - 26.02.1933) generaladjutant unknown
  8. Hello here, a rare collar jacket for the uniform peace times 1915 (Friedensuniform M 1915) a general unknown uniform peacetime
  9. beautiful tunic General is Generalmajor Prinz franz von bayern
  10. The first one is a Bavarian General's insignia collar,for all general, in theory until March 1916
  11. Hello, I wanted to show some of Generals Tab Now the reverse here Prussians