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  1. Hello the flag of the photo corresponds to the flag model of the III Battalion of 18 Infantry Regiment. The I and II battalion had this other model: In the photo, you can barely distinguish the blue of the corners
  2. Thank you very much for showing us this medal. I had heard a lot about these "medals bars", but I had not seen any.
  3. Hello, Today, I would like to receive your comments on this medal. very grateful, as always
  4. Otro general con unifome regimental con 12 botones Creo que es Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Kurt Friedrich von Tümpling Another general with regimental unifome with 12 buttons I think it's Wilhelm Ludwig Karl Kurt Friedrich von Tümpling
  5. But not always, I've seen exceptions a friend has a general engineer uniform with 12 buttons Here we can see a medical general with 12 buttons Docteur Friedrich von Esmarch
  6. Good morning to all As proof this photo, not always the medals were correctly mounted. see Sachsen, Albrechtsorden, Großkreuz mit Schwertern Gemeral d.Art. a.D. Nehbel
  7. Here is a sheet of the early twentieth century
  8. awesome about a general's uniform, congratulations
  9. Thank you very much to all for your interest I'm on vacation in a town with little internet coverage The color of the second tape is dark blue
  10. Thank you very much for your quick response. Apart from the rare combination of medals, there are other elements that allow to see that it is false?
  11. Can anybody tell me if this looks legitimate Thank you for any help.
  12. I think it's the medal Erinnerungskreuz für 1866 https://www.kuenker.de/en/archiv/stueck/137645 Campaign against Prussia 1866: I take part in the battle of Königgrätz as an officer of the 3. Jäger-Bataillons