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  1. Latvia Partisan Badge

    Nope. Both are bad. It's a fantasy design based on Partisan Badge , with fake maker marks. Bercs and Mueller never used anything like that. Moreover, the original Partisan badge by Mueller has different design.
  2. Latvia Partisan Badge

    Hi Dave, It's a well known fake, discussed on many profile forums. It was sold in quantities some time ago while original badges are really scarce. But what make it an evident fake is the fact that a badge with the same design exists with 2 different maker marks Pls see this and compare.
  3. Hi Gents, Ok, I'll try to post some pictures, hope it will help. In the following posts I will discuss only 1st class crosses. 1. The obverse picture of Rossbach cross published in July 1943 in Der Reiter gen Osten newspaper, and the cross from my collection which IMO is a perfect match to it. Having in mind untypical set up which can be only met on some decorations produced in 20-ies, I'd say that we see here the 1st run of these crosses. 2. The obverse picture of Rossbach cross from Klietmann's book dated 1979, and the matching specimen from Hartung catalogue. Having in mind the rarity of this version , and also the set up, I'd suppose that we see the additional edition awarded in 1933. Honestly said, that's it. I've never seen any other 1st class crosses which have any provenance. Of course we can't exclude private purchase items, but they are a question of believe and proper hand inspection As for the cross in the beginning of the thread....ufff... personally I do not like it. First of all it carries the design of these suspicious items which Brian describes as produced in 50-ies and we used to consider fakes. Please find below one of them for comparison. What makes it even worse, having the design of later production, the set up of this cross is trying to imitate the early one (?). And last but not least--the source. Brian can tell us more about the seller, I will just mention that some of the fake Freikorps decorations from this person are really well made and are not serial/unique. And what a coincidence, just few months before he also sold one of these "50-ies made" items... Fake one.
  4. Latvia Partisan Badge

    Hi, I hope you know that the badge you posted is a repro. Best! Serg
  5. Einwohnerwehr Danzig

    Actually I did already, some part of it , here http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/60294-freikorps-awards-beyond-the-baltic-cross-and-silesian-eagle/
  6. Einwohnerwehr Danzig

    I feel uneasy because I'm envy Great items you show here.
  7. Einwohnerwehr Danzig

    Andreas, I've seen already enough to make my life uneasy But, should it happen that you have documents to these badges as well? Or any pictures? Best! Serg
  8. Einwohnerwehr Danzig

    Thank you very much, Andreas!
  9. Einwohnerwehr Danzig

    Hi Andreas, Good and scarce badge, congrats. I had one of these once, grotesquely modified. And it definitely was awarded much more than 15 times, I've seen at least 10 of them. Around 300-500, I would suppose. Can you show us Danzig Flak badge too? Best! Serg
  10. There were definitely more versions. Sorry for my mistake, the badge shown I've seen before, I believe it's an interesting one with horizontal pin set up instead of vertical, right?
  11. P.S. Damn Saturday morning. Paul, it's not the one I sold you on WAF, is it? I'd pay more attention
  12. Hi Brian, He got it from me And it's not enamel, it's transit laquered version
  13. Freikorps Certificate II

    Very good!! It's the 3rd Awaloff-kreuz certificate issued by Deutsche Legion I've ever seen thus far.
  14. Freikorps Certificate

    Vice versa My group contains almost no papers, only "metal"