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  1. Awesome display Chris. I'm always surprised the rings survived and were not lost or sold. Really well displayed.
  2. Thank you guys. I appreciate your info and have passed it on. Glad he didn't get stung.
  3. Hey all! I was asked by a good friend my opinion of these badges. Unfortunately I am clueless when it comes to WW1 flight badges originality. I know they were officially reproduced from the 20's to the 40's; and then later as forgeries. I know many of you know these badges really well, so I was hopeing to pass on some opinions. Thanks!!
  4. Was this a royalty merit award? What were the criteria for its award? I've never seen this one before. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Did officer's routinely have numbered ovals? I thought that was more an exception rather than rule. I'll post a few that I have photos of tonight.
  6. How you seen Tony's Uniform on Kaiser's Bunker? I don't want to post the photo as I don't have permission, but here is the link http://www.kaisersbunker.com/flieger/
  7. French Foreign Legion Medal Group

    Wow! I wish I could add more but I am still amazed at the WW1 CdG citation. I bet Militaria magazine would jump to show off this group!
  8. Welcome back!! Let's see a profile of the car! All original or restored? I. Can't wait to see it.
  9. Aisle C, Row 4, Crate 12.

    Awesome set up Brian. The whole blog put a huge smile on my face. As a person diagnosed with ADHD, the organized non-organization aspect had me rolling. I'm like you, I have the most organized system in the world....I just wish I could remember what it. Is :-)
  10. And the same two tunics with the same rank, same bent right shoulder board on the mann tunic, same tress on the non NCO, NCO tunic
  11. Joe Biden Medal of Freedom

    Makes a ton more sense! Thank you for the information. I knew something wasn't right :-).
  12. Nice display!! Is that a rifle grenade launcher on the far right? I don't remember that in your collection
  13. Ooooo that is sweet! Nice Chris! Is that all one named group?
  14. Warning This Blog May Be Offensive

    I'm offended....I'm going back to "the best scotch" posting" for at least two hours!!!
  15. Joe Biden Medal of Freedom

    I was perusing the news the other day and I noticed Joe Biden was awarded the Medal of Freedom. While running on my lunch hour I got a chance to see the replays of the medal being awarded. Now while everyone on TV seemed to go into straight political mode--did he/didn't he deserve it..blah blah blah -- I could not stop thinking about how just darn ugly the medal is. Honestly, its huge and gaudy. When the President is placing it on Joe's neck, I thought the ribbon was tangled; but it appears to hang like a sash medal rather than a neck medal. I know the Legion of Merit has an international award on a sash, and it kind of hangs like this does. I think the neck ribbon kink and the size of the eagles just make it look like something I would buy my daughter at the Disney Store. I just keep thinking....is it supposed to look like that??? So odd that this would be our highest award...