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  1. Bummer. Thanks, though, John. I really appreciate the explanation rather than the unhelpful comment of simply "fake" you get other places. Live and learn!
  2. The one and only TR qualification badge I've ever bought is this one. Came with a original DD Luft helmet that the seller believed came from the same vet. I've spent countless hours reading threads on these things and comparing my badge to the pics I've found, but I'm still unsure whether this is good or not. From what I gather, there seems to be some controversy as to whether this maker made observer badges (I think most say yes), and if they did, whether the badges were only marked "JMME" as opposed to "JMME&Sohn..." I'd love some feedback on this. I'm primarily a US Army Air Force collector and really a novice at best in this area. Thanks for any thoughts anyone has!
  3. Sorry - been away for awhile. I never did remove the cockade. Not sure what the back looks like, but I presume it's from the era.
  4. Hello Gents and Merry Christmas from across the pond! I picked this up recently here in the States, and thought I'd run it across you all. I think it's a WWII Luft aircraft component of some sort, perhaps for starting the engines. Thoughts? Thanks for any ideas you may have!
  5. Thanks, Chip. I'm in the dark as to this stuff, so the help is greatly appreciated.
  6. I grabbed a magnet - the cross is attracted by a magnet. The ring has a maker mark on the ring (I presume) of either M or 3 I think.
  7. Thanks! I thought it was pretty nice, with some character. I'm not sure if it's magnetic or not - I'll check that out. From my limited surfing about the internet, it looks like the hat may be a mine service or railroad hat? This is wayyy outside my sphere of knowledge.
  8. Hey Gents - I've been away for awhile, and living in the US-collecting arena. I recently decided, though, to add a couple German items to the collection to serve as bringback items in my displays. I picked up this hat and have no idea what outfit it relates to. Also, an Iron Cross, which I hope is good. Any thoughts appreciated!
  9. Nack

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    Lol. Darn internet!
  10. Nack

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    I think the post was tongue-in-cheek... :)
  11. Nack

    How many of us are Brothers ?

    ...and now a newly minted Noble.