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  1. New Thailand Orders and Medals

    Your grand cordon star is really something!
  2. Guys, I am very curious as to what these supposedly Argentinian air force general ranks are. I can't find a chart on these and have not seen them before. Any ideas please? Thanks, Alf
  3. Thailand medals and orders finds

    Very nice! Where did you find these?
  4. Gents, I have two pairs of these General of the Army epaulettes. Both came in sealed plastic bags with the government contract cardboard tags with the manufacturing details on them. But both are different colours and sizes. Why is this so?
  5. Gents, I would like to share with you some pictures of high-ranking Cambodian ribbon bars that I picked up from a tailor in Phnom Penh through a friend. Two of them are made from individual silk threads hand laid to form the ribbons, a practice fairly common in Thailand as well, while one of them is made from actual medal ribbons.
  6. Cambodian ribbon bars

    Yes, I have the names to most of the awards.
  7. Gents, here are two pairs of old Mongolian full general shoulder boards for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I cannot transmit also the smell of old things, which adds greatly to the flavour of these boards! -achern
  8. Да, зеленые продаются. Золотые больше не доступны.
  9. Cuban General's Insignia:

    Beautiful. I wish I could get a pair of Castro's boards!
  10. Gents, I've just come across these epaulettes for sale and I have no idea what rank they are for, except that they are described as a pair of "Argentina 1930s 'General En Jefe' epaulettes". Any information as to what they really are, the time period in which they were used, and comments about their similarity to European ranks would be greatly appreciated. alf
  11. Buy medals in Ho chi minh

    I'd like to hear from anyone where one can find good genuine SVN insignia in HCMC today. Such places tend to be discreet as SVN insignia is reportedly illegal there. If you're after genuine current issue vietnamese insignia, the Danh Sinh market has plenty of it.
  12. Gents, Here is a pair of original MRAF shoulder straps I'd like to share with you. Comments are most welcome. -alf
  13. Hello Paul, thank you for your reply to this thread. I would love to see a photo of your KC set to the RNZAF AC. Alf Thanks Michael, for sharing these excellent photos of the MRAF ranks in your collection. Do you also have other Marshal-level ranks? I'd love to see photos of those too. Alf
  14. An article about Singapore's earliest State decorations and awards until 1996, with original photographs: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/singapore-badges-of-honour
  15. Thank you all for the comments. I had great fun photographing these pieces as they are near-impossible to come by these days. There are two medals I did not include in this article - the Defence Medal (yellow ribbon with stripes), and the Uniformed Services Malaysia Medal which Hugh kindly posted.
  16. buying medals bangkok

    Cazack, I know a district in Bangkok that sells practically all the Thai medals and decorations you will ever want. Modern ones of course. If you will PM me I can give you some directions.
  17. These are what the Syrian eagles and stars look like on a set of ranks I have.
  18. Hero of Cuba

    I'm looking to buy one, if anyone has one to sell...
  19. Beautiful pieces, thanks for sharing. How much would the entire set cost today?
  20. Gents, Any idea on these DDR sport parachute badges? I have an early pair, where the gold and silver classes have a lower count jump tag compared to a later pair, where the silver and bronze classes have up to 500 jumps. Comments most welcome. alf ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="967px" height="750px">"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' width="967px" height="750px"> ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  21. Guys, I have here a Yugoslavia Parachute Instructor badge in gold for your comments: There were around 20 or fewer of this badge awarded. According to the hallmark, this is made of 18-Karat gold, and the gold badge has a rather unusual pinback and locking system, compared to the twin screws on the silver badge. -alf
  22. Thanks Paja. I see that you and Emanuel have been doing some good work on bringing to attention some fake badges in this area of collecting. I hope that you guys will find more information about these gold Yugo badges as well. This is not my area of expertise as I collect parachute badges from every country and I cannot possibly be expert in all of them.
  23. Not sure what Emanuel is really trying to say here, but anyway here are photos of two badges I am intending to let go, and what better place than ebay, since it has the widest audience. As to why I have so many rare badges, well, I collect rare badges, so therefore I tend to find them. However, after all that has been said about seeing so many of these gold Yugo badges in dealer sites, still nobody has offered any links to show where they are. After a lot of searching, I still have not managed to find any. Hopefully someone will show some evidence. Here are the photos. One is of the 1950s 1st Class instructor badge, not in great condition, definitely well-used. The other is the mint 18K gold badge. I don't think it is a copy, unless the former owner was presented a fake by the air force.
  24. Guys, I keep hearing about copies of this gold badge being widely available, but try as I might I can't seem to find any for sale anywhere. Can someone post the links of these dealers who are selling the gold badges?