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    Collecting and trading WW1 & WW2 German Militaria, Medals, Organization Badges, Ephemera - Wehrpasses, Soldbuches a hobby of mine for the past twenty years. A lot of the good stuff has sadly gone, usually to the states.

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  1. Thanks "The Prussian" for taking the time to lay out the structures of the Landwehr, Reservists, Landsturm - I've have some reading to do. Regards
  2. Thanks for the 3rd infantry brigade info, in England oilcloth used as cheap floor covering, didn't know it was also used in military cap manufacture. Can't help thinking surely these men aren't active soldiers, they look far to old, not one looks under forty. Veterans maybe ? what do you think ? any ideas on the pom-pom pairs in photo 3 ? Cheers
  3. Gentlemen, The Prussian, Bayern, - that's tremendous info to read. I did have another look at the photos, this time under the magnifying glass. Photo 1 doesn't have any unit number on the shoulder broads or collar points. However, Photo 2 the soldiers have the no.3 in both collar points,their caps appear to be made from leather with a distinctive Balkan Cross at the front. Photo 3 I take it the the men are in their no.1 dress, what exactly is the significance of the pom-poms on their fronts. Photo 4 looking closer at the helmets, they have to my eyes a stylised letter L on the front, perhaps for Ludwig no idea which one. Again much obliged for your help, if there's any-more information to come; I will be glad to hear it. Cheers
  4. Picked up these four old portrait, group photos. Think they well be different units of Bavaria Army (bought in Bavaria & first photo, photographer based in Bavaria). First two pictures show soldiers well into their middle age - maybe they were reservists. Can members tell me which units are pictured and if possible their era. Cheers
  5. 20th Anniversary Badge of the Battle of Jutland, named by the Germans as Skagerrak Schlacht - Skagerrak 1916 - Kiel Laboe1935 (plastic). The motif on the badge shows the memorial to the German Naval War dead.
  6. Citation - KVK 1st Class with Swords
  7. French Soldiers picking their way through the Somme Battlefield
  8. First day of the Somme battle card - "The glorious First of July 1916 - Our first prisoners" English Daily Mail Battle Pictures postcard (maybe staged) shows German soldiers coming in. The reverse has a printed paragraph "a great flow of German prisoners into the British camps began immediately with the Great Advance, and the picture shows the first batch marching in". Propaganda card gone badly wrong, more considering the casualties the British suffered on that day.
  9. KVK 2 with Swords citation - 2 May 1942 (Expensive, sought after signature, Weitze has one on offer €500)
  10. Came across this Opferring membership pass - different design from Don's shown in post 5, maybe due to different area - Württemberg 1939. Swastikas blacked out.
  11. Thanks for the posts Don, after reading them I did find the piece on page 403. Glad you mentioned the suspect paint work, I was wondering, as on mine and Weitze's badges there not one speck of paint / enamel on any of them, to me and mine hasn't a scratch there never was any paint. A compliment, this thread and others in the enamel & membership database are head and shoulders above anything else on offer, I could find in any of the military forums, when it comes down to in-depth detail. Cheers
  12. Elsass Opfering Not seen in the thread so far, also not shown in Hüsken's 2010 catalogue. All metal 2,3cm dia.detailed back with makers name - Foerster & Barth - Pforzheim, RZM and M 9/7 marks. Why its not in the catologue, I've no idea,don't think its especially rare, at the time of writing Weitze has three on offer.
  13. Large 40mm dia. metal Tinnie - Leipzig exhibition 1939
  14. NSDAP Kreistagung Kaufbeuren 7 Juni 1936 - Metal Tinnie