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    Collecting and trading WW1 & WW2 German Militaria, Medals, Organization Badges, Ephemera - Wehrpasses, Soldbuches a hobby of mine for the past twenty years. A lot of the good stuff has sadly gone, usually to the states.

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  1. Came across this Opferring membership pass - different design from Don's shown in post 5, maybe due to different area - Württemberg 1939. Swastikas blacked out.
  2. Thanks for the posts Don, after reading them I did find the piece on page 403. Glad you mentioned the suspect paint work, I was wondering, as on mine and Weitze's badges there not one speck of paint / enamel on any of them, to me and mine hasn't a scratch there never was any paint. A compliment, this thread and others in the enamel & membership database are head and shoulders above anything else on offer, I could find in any of the military forums, when it comes down to in-depth detail. Cheers
  3. Elsass Opfering Not seen in the thread so far, also not shown in Hüsken's 2010 catalogue. All metal 2,3cm dia.detailed back with makers name - Foerster & Barth - Pforzheim, RZM and M 9/7 marks. Why its not in the catologue, I've no idea,don't think its especially rare, at the time of writing Weitze has three on offer.
  4. Large 40mm dia. metal Tinnie - Leipzig exhibition 1939
  5. NSDAP Kreistagung Kaufbeuren 7 Juni 1936 - Metal Tinnie
  6. Not shown before on thread - 4cm diameter - Metal - Jungbann 7 Sportfest 1936 Lüben
  7. Picked up these four stick-pins last summer, unsure exactly what three of them are for, left to right - (1) Looked through Hüskens catalogue, found to be a Nazi sympathisers badge. (2) Could be a WW1 veterans badge, never come across such a design, wound badge on top of a iron cross ! (3) Swastika on flower (edelweiss) maybe for a Hochland Group sympathiser ? (4) Small pin - swastika in laurel wreath Does anyone have any ideas ? Regards
  8. Yes - a nice piece, rarer HJ tinnies are always collectable, even without their fixing pin. Its in Tieste's catalogue priced at €30, but his prices are all over the place. I feel you could easily ask €50 for it, without raising eyebrows. Regards
  9. Greglingen 1934 - 47 Hohenloher Kreis - Turnfest - Brass 3cm square.