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  1. Early Stahlhelm Badge - Nürnberg 1926 - Metal
  2. Kriegsopfertag - NSKOV -1.Westdeutscher - Dortmund - Köln - Juli 1933 - Metal
  3. Metal - Beamter-Gautagung N.S.D.A.P. Tinnie - Stuttgart 11.2.34.
  4. My cupboard is bare, well I've no new ones, I don't want to post already shown tinnies - switch now to the other tinnie groups. Maybe meet you there.
  5. Small Metal Badge - Tag der Nationalen Arbeit 1 Mai 1933
  6. My turn - Metal - Tag der Deutschen Arbeit 1933 - not in the thread
  7. Metal - 32mm diameter - Often used motif, this time - Kundgebung der Arbeit /Front Stuttgart 1933
  8. Tag der Arbeit - 1 Mai 33 N.S.B.O. Gau Pfalz NSDAP - Metal
  9. Don, Nice membership book, these memberships books from various organizations go for a couple of euro's and are often disparately looked on by collectors . But they are nevertheless terrifically hard to come across.
  10. The German Spring Offensive - Operation Michael had been running the past eight days with much success, by 29/3/18 overrunning the allied fronts and taking bounty - storage camps, munition trains and POWs. However it did knock their morale realizing how well the allied soldiers were fed against their poor, meagre rations. Here's a press photos showing German troops inspecting captured English lines between Bullecourt - Croisilles.
  11. Schubert's Signature on Sturm Citation dated 25/11/41
  12. Schubert, Albrecht Born: 23rd June 1886 Died: 26th November 1966 Highest Rank: General - Infantry Kommandeur - 44 Infantry Division Komdierenden General - General Kommado XXVIII Armeekorps Komdierenden General - Stellvertretenden General Kommando XI Armeekorps Befehlshaber Wehrkreis XI Befehlshaber Wehrkreis XVII Ritterkreuz (17.9.43) Deutsches Kreuz in Gold ( 20th January 1943) Spangen to EK1, EK2, Image: KVK 2 + Swords - Citation Dedication - 30.1.44
  13. Nice cards, well worth having. Here's a Gautag Tinnie June 1936 Limburg - interestingly the top left has a profile motif of a WW1 German and British soldier together, There were visits in the 1930's of groups of British Legion WW1 veterans to Germany, marked by accompanying tinnies, think this Gautag Tinnie maybe such an occasion. The key maybe the three letters in the triangle below.
  14. Hi, Bought this small stick pin a couple of weeks ago. Measures 1,5cm x 1,5 with a miniature photo of Adolf in SA uniform, reverse is not stamped. Not certain, could it be for SA sympathizer ? anyone know for sure. Cheers
  15. Couple of weeks ago picked up this Large (3.5cm x 5.3cm) metal tinnie connected with 1936 Olympic Adlerschiessen. At the time I was at a loss as to what exactly Adlerschiessen was ? Spoke today to a friend, a hobby shooter - apparently there's a shooting disciple in Germany using a rifle and small calibre bullets 4,5mm - shooting at (instead of a round target) a spread black eagle target trying to shoot the wings or legs off the target (included is a picture). I ask members have they seen this tinnie before or know anything about this Olympic discipline ? any relevant info welcome.
  16. Picked this Deutscher Luftsportverband button-hole badge up a while back, Civil 3rd Form (large) made by K. Wurster - Markneukirchen / SA. Classified as large - measures - 3.1cm x 1.6 cm. one of a group of seven variants, belongs to same organisation which issued the three grade gliding badges (blue background with 1 - 3 white seagull birds) do members have any of the variants of this badge to show ? please not the gliding badges. Regards
  17. Hitler Jugend - Bann-B21 - Banntreffen - 7/8 Juli 1934 Metal - 3,7cm x 3,7 cm
  18. Generalmajor Hermann von Wedel Born: 27th August 1893 - Magdeburg Died 02nd February 1944 - in Dorpat (Feldlazarett 510) Estonia Oberst & Kommandeur Infanterie Regiment 208 Oberst & Kommandeur Genadier Regiment 590 Ritterkreuz - 06th June 1943, Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - 10th October 1941, Citation: Schutzwall = Ehrenzeichen 20th March 1940
  19. Generalleutnant Walter Stettner, Ritter von Grabenhofen Born: 19th March 1895 - München K.I.A.: 18th October 1944 - Near Belgrad on Mount Avala by partisans Kommandeur of the 1st Gebirgs-Division Ritterkreuz - 23rd April 1943, Deutsches Kreuz in Gold - 2nd Jan 1941, EK1 & EK2 Repeat Spange image: KVK II - 11th October 1942
  20. Picked up these four old portrait, group photos. Think they well be different units of Bavaria Army (bought in Bavaria & first photo, photographer based in Bavaria). First two pictures show soldiers well into their middle age - maybe they were reservists. Can members tell me which units are pictured and if possible their era. Cheers
  21. Thanks "The Prussian" for taking the time to lay out the structures of the Landwehr, Reservists, Landsturm - I've have some reading to do. Regards
  22. Thanks for the 3rd infantry brigade info, in England oilcloth used as cheap floor covering, didn't know it was also used in military cap manufacture. Can't help thinking surely these men aren't active soldiers, they look far to old, not one looks under forty. Veterans maybe ? what do you think ? any ideas on the pom-pom pairs in photo 3 ? Cheers
  23. Gentlemen, The Prussian, Bayern, - that's tremendous info to read. I did have another look at the photos, this time under the magnifying glass. Photo 1 doesn't have any unit number on the shoulder broads or collar points. However, Photo 2 the soldiers have the no.3 in both collar points,their caps appear to be made from leather with a distinctive Balkan Cross at the front. Photo 3 I take it the the men are in their no.1 dress, what exactly is the significance of the pom-poms on their fronts. Photo 4 looking closer at the helmets, they have to my eyes a stylised letter L on the front, perhaps for Ludwig no idea which one. Again much obliged for your help, if there's any-more information to come; I will be glad to hear it. Cheers
  24. 20th Anniversary Badge of the Battle of Jutland, named by the Germans as Skagerrak Schlacht - Skagerrak 1916 - Kiel Laboe1935 (plastic). The motif on the badge shows the memorial to the German Naval War dead.