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  1. Well you learn something new every day...... Thanks Neville...... Still have never seen one before...... Mike

    Death Penny

    Here you go...... Killed in training accident...... Second Lieutenant PRESTON, MAXWELL EDDEN Died 23/09/1918 Aged 19 32nd Training Depot Station Royal Air Force Son of Edmund Albert and Julia Emma Preston, of 8, St. Paul's Place, Canonbury, London.
  3. From either Burma or Thailand depending on age...... M......
  4. This is a Troopers Helmet....... An Officers would have a band of Oak or Laurel leaves on the peak...... Mike
  5. Sorry but this is not a military medal but could be for just about anything, i.e. a Boxing Medal as it looks the shape of one my Grand Father has/d........ As shown being worn on a watch chain........ It was a very common thing to wear them until wrist watches came out...... In fact I have one on a watch chain the I wear...... Mike
  6. Good Afternoon Mike...... Many years ago I worked in a local veterans hospital and I also remember meeting a Boer War vet who served in the Imp Yeo. and I remember his saying that over 100 of them arrived in SA and they were issued a dozen horses..... They were mostly office clerks and shop workers and had never ridden a horse in his life neither had many others..... During the war he got to know a number of Canadians and after the war came to Canada instead of going back to UK..... The missing medals: Q.S.A. WANT LIST: Any CANADIAN UNITS CAVALRY: 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards and 4th (The Queen's Own) Hussars ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY: E, F, I, J, K, O, R, Batteries ROYAL NAVY: H.M.S. Beagle and H.M.S. Widgeon SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY (Following Specific Men) 2102 3rd CLASS TROOPER CHARLES WILLIAM RYALL 2072 1st CLASS TROOPER WILLIE HERBERT GIBBONS 3420 3rd CLASS TROOPER HAROLD FALTENHINE 2090 1st CLASS TROOPER RICHARD DOUGLAS MUIR 2120 3rd CLASS TROOPER CLAUDE LESLIE YOUNG Mike Just remembered this Mike...... Mike
  7. Good Morning Mike...... Yes you are correct as far as I know but then again I can be proved wrong and keep learning something..... I have been also collecting QSA's for nearly 50 years and working on the impossible..... Getting at least a single to every unit that served..... I am missing 2 Navy and 2 Cavalry, really hard ones to find and lots of Imp Yeo, SA, Colonial as well...... Mike
  8. Hello Canrobert......... Suggest you look here: http://www.steppingforwardlondon.org/the-kings-colonials-imperial-yeomanry.html They did not see service in the Boer War as a unit...... Mike
  9. Hello Alan....... All I can say is good luck in your search..... They lists would be held in/at the National Archives in Kew and there may be a list at the RN Museum..... To get the mans documents you will need his number and since it is WW2 and later you would have to make a submission to the MOD..... My suggestion is to post your request on the British Medal Forum at the following..... http://www.britishmedalforum.com Mike P.S. Maybe if you spelt it Yangtze you might have better luck......
  10. Cannot find any unit with initials P. of L. T. S. and I agree that the C.J.L. is a name...... Mike
  11. Hello David...... I think that this is just a piece of what will be later called trench art..... Just a souvenir made by someone in Ladysmith and personalized by the persons initials..... I have seen this sort of thing made with coins...... Mike
  12. Hi Dave...... I think that what me might mean is Aiguillettes....... Mike
  13. Hello Ringo....... Even though in some cases it is not used (most likely) anymore that is where he would have worn his whistle..... By the time of reaching the rank of Chief Constable he would no longer need one but they still kept the chain..... I have a set of medals where the man went from Constable in 1910 to Chief Constable (C.I.D.) in 1947 and with the medals was his whistle and chain.... Mike
  14. The picture is a studio photo so anything could be used as props...... I do not think that they had this style of photos in the 1850's....
  15. With the way he is dressed he looks like Mounted Infantry and is possibly Boer War........ The regiment did have a Mounted Infantry section during the Boer War........ Mike