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  1. Welcome to the forum...... Can you please advise as to what his full name is????? Mike
  2. Hi Michael...... I have a funny feeling that our friend Georg may think that the numbers are unit numbers not numbers given to individual soldiers..... If he wants all of the lists he will have tp purchase "Clive Law's Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army, 1936-1960" book...... All I can say is thank God I collect Boer War, a lot less confusing...... Mike
  3. Good evening, Gentlemen. Sorry, maybe I'm confused in the definitions, but did not fully understand transcript SC 2205 J.B.R. CARON : CARON IS A W.W.2 SOLDIER THAT HAS VOLUNTEERED FOR SERVICE DURING THE KOREAN WAR THAT IS WHY HE HAS THE LETTER "S" BEFORE HIS NUMBER "I have been told that S is for an NCO" (#1) – what means an NCO ? THE LETTER "S" DOES NOT MEAN NCO, NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER..... VERY VERY OLD WIVES TALE SC - the letter "S" was set as whole after WW2 or this is an addition for his code during WW2 ? THIS DESIGNATION WAS NOT USED DURING WW2, ONLY KOREA The letter "C" refers to the M3, but there is no regiment 2205 ( "Militia District 3 - Prefix C - Eastern Ontario and South-Western Quebec. Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment 4001 - 9000 ...", but 2205 ?). Many thanks. YES THE LETTER "C" IS FOR MILITIA DISTRICT 3, BUT YOU WILL ALSO NOTE I HAVE STATED THAT THE LIST IS VERY HEAVILY EDITED AND NOT ALL UNITS ARE SHOWN JUST SOME OF THE MAJOR ONES.
  4. With the mans name, the dress, the shape of the badge I think that it may be a Clan Badge of the Frasers....... It is definitely not military..... Mike
  5. Hi Megan...... Always looking for a Mrs. Claus...... Mike
  6. I try to celebrate Christmas every day of the year in thought and deed..... This year I had over 6000 children of all ages and religions come and sit on my knee and tell me their wishes not only for presents but for many many other things...... I have been doing this every year for the past 28...... 75 % of the events are done for charity or just for the fun of it, payment to be a donation to the Food Bank or the Salvation Army...... Mike
  7. Good Morning Chris...... Yes I have heard of it before, the house and its story but not deep details, there was a TV show about it but I think that they said the transcripts of the conversations were classified for 101 years....... If I remember rightly the host was David Jason it was part of a series on famous, not-so-famous and historical houses in Britain..... Mike
  8. Here is one for sale........ http://www.mortonandeden.com/pdfcats/84web.pdf Lot 787...... Mike
  9. This is World War One....... From Find My Past..... Seems he was killed in action....... Mike First name(s) DUNCAN Last name DEAKIN Service number 368 Rank DRUMMER Regiment Royal Warwickshire Regiment Battalion 2nd Battalion. Birth place BARROW-IN-FURNESS Residence BARROW-IN-FURNESS Enlistment place PORTSMOUTH Death year 1915 Death day 9 Death month 5 Cause of death Died Death place France & Flanders Theatre of war Western European Theatre
  10. Looks like a instrument box that could have been converted to a children's size gasmask box..... Mike
  11. Hello Ray...... To find out history I suggest the book Gordon's British Battles and Medals.... Of course they are all in really bad condition...... For the Boer war I suggest: http://www.angloboerwar.com Mike
  12. Thank You Danny....... Will keep on searching...... Mike
  13. Good Morning Gentlemen...... Thank you for your comments...... Peter: Or perhaps a fantasy piece made up for the tourist/collector trade. No it is not a fantasy piece as a couple of other people here have inspected it and it is authentically made...... One person who looked at it stated that if it did not have the decoration on the hilt he would say it was an American 1851 pattern possibly imported from a neutral country during Civil War by either side ...... Mike
  14. Good Morning Everyone...... Help..... I have obtained the sword as shown below..... I have been advised by a number of people that the design is similar to an American pattern of 1851..... There are no markings of any kind on the blade just what looks like some Imperial markings on the hilt..... There is an engraving that looks like two number Seven's on the hilt..... I know nothing about this blade so any help would be greatly appreciated...... Thanks in advance..... Mike