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  1. The regiment was renamed in 1798 for The Princess Frederica as the 14th (The Duchess of York's Own) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons and allowed to use the Prussian Eagle as its badge and has used it ever since in various forms...... M.
  2. Without actually handling it I would say that it is 75% authentic...... As you can appreciate it is hard to tell just from pictures...... There are still a few things of which I am not sure...... M.
  3. Sorry cannot tell from those pictures..... Need close ups of cypher / crown and sides...... Mike
  4. Hello Peppe....... Here is his information from FMP...... First name(s) Fuller Roberts Last name Hill Age 30 Birth year - Service number 100060 Regiment Royal Engineers Unit / Battalion 226th, 517th Field Company Year 1915 Residence county London Residence country England His service files are on line in FMP...... Mike
  5. Yes it looks like a good Victorian badge and czapka........ You really have to be careful as there is a company in a country on the sub-continent that is reproducing these. even down to the wear and tear...... But saying that this one looks good with the proper signs of age...... Mike
  6. Definitely Canadian..... 1. Collar Badge..... 2. 7 Button Tunic...... 3. Looks like a Signals arm band...... 4. Cavalry Ammo Pouches...... Mike
  7. Chris........ Did you get my PM...... Mike
  8. P.P.C.L.I. stands for "PRINCES PATRICIA'S CANADIAN LIGHT INFANTRY" Mike Here are his enlistment documents...... http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=598772 Mike
  9. Interesting, never seen one like this before....... Mike
  10. It might help if you give us your ancestors full name....... Mike
  11. Without the colour it is hard to tell....... But first of all this is not an official ribbon bar...... First: Could be either Distinguished Flying Medal (White with Narrow Purple Diagonal Stripes) or Air Force Medal (Crimson Stripes) Middle: Distinguished Flying Cross Last: Same as First Ribbons in wrong order....... Looks like a made up broach for wife or girlfriend...... Mike
  12. Good Morning Everyone..... Dug out a book that I have had for a while..... THE HISTORIE BOOKE - A TALE OF TWO WORLDS AND FIVE CENTURIES - 1537 / 1638 / 1903 Done to keep in lasting remembrance the joyous meeting of the HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY of LONDON and the ANCIENT and HONORABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY of the MASSACHUSETTS in the TOWNE OF BOSTON- A.D. 1906 It is a limited edition of 250 books and printed in the US...... One of the nice things is that it gives full nominal rolls of both the London Regiment and the Massachusetts Regiment...... In the book it gives a description of a medal like the one shown but no picture (damn) but not who got them, I am thinking that they may have been given out to senior members / officers of the Massachusetts Company from the London Company..... The ribbon that is shown in the book attached to a line drawing in gold if of the American Committee of the Hon. Art. Co. 1897 medal is the same as the one shown herein..... Interesting reading as it gives the full history of the H.A.C. ..... Here is a quote that is interesting: At last came Yorktown; and soon the great victory -- a victory of both the English people and the American people -- crowned the years of struggle. June 10, 1783, the last General of the Day in the American Army of the Revolution inspected, turned off, and visited the guards. By a remarkable chance, if nothing more, he was the same officer by whos orders, on the evening of the fight at Lexington, the first guard of the army has been mounted at the foot of Prospect Hill. His name was Major-General Heath; and he also stands upon the long roll of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. Mike
  13. Yes you are correct on the meaning of H.A.C........ The ribbon is their colours and design....... Mike
  14. Hi Stefan...... I am sorry for you that it did not turn out to be a silver one...... But having a test striking is also great..... Is there anyway that you can remove that UGLY hanger that has been soldered on the back ????????? The only other one that I have handled had an UGLY hole drilled in the top to hang it on the wall...... Mike
  15. Don't think that it is lead but possibly what is called white metal..... Mike