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  1. Hi Chris...… Did a little more digging and I think that I made an error, the UMR badge is most likely a post Boer War possibly WW1 Shoulder badge. The photo that you have is the UMR slouch hat badge..... Sorry..... Mike
  2. With regards to The U. M. R. badges you have, the Boer War is not listed in Owen's so many being locally made, the lower left badge is Owen's Number 446 worn between 1902 and 1910, the lower right is a Collar Badge Owen's Number 450 which was worn 1910 - 1968, not only is it in brass (during the 2 wars) but glided brass..... Mike
  3. I agree fully...….. Extremely faded Defence Medal.....
  4. Your best location to post is the following forum...... https://britishmedalforum.com Mike
  5. Not an expert on these badges but have a feeling that they may not be correct......
  6. Can you please post photos of the reverse...….
  7. It is a fairly common picture of a Fantasy Battle..... It has also been made into a glass slide..... Mike

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    This is the oldest argument in medal and badge collecting..... Personally I clean but save original ribbons..... After all have you ever seen a Sergeant Major allow dirty medals, badges or buttons on parade...... Mike
  9. From the collection of the Glenbow Museum of Calgary...…. There is a large collection of items from the Wolseley Family including the following miniature medals...… Title: Order of the Bath Medal; The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George Medal; Prussian Order of the Red Eagle; Order of Osmanieh; Legion of Honour Medal; Order of Medjidie; Queen Victoria's Jubilee Medal; King Edward VII Coronation Medal Date: 1855-1902 Part of a chest of eight miniature orders and medals, court mounted, awarded to Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley. Transcript on Order of the Bath Medal (both sides): TRIA JUNCTA INUNO ICH DIEN Transcript on The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George Medal (both sides): AUSPICIUM MELIORIS AEVI Transcript on the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle (obverse): SINGERE ET CONSTANTER Transcript on the Order of Osmanieh (obverse): [text in Arabic script] Transcript on the Legion of Honour Medal (obverse): NAPOLEON EMP. D. F[--]NC. (reverse): HONNEUR ET PATRIE Transcript on the Order of Medjidie (obverse): [text in Arabic script] Transcript on the Queen Victoria's Jubilee Medal (obverse): VICTORIA D.C. REGINA ET IMPERATRIX F.D. (reverse): IN COMMEMORATION OF THE 50th YEAR OF THE REIGN OF QUEEN VICTORIA 21 JUNE 1887 Transcript on the King Edward VII Coronation Medal (obverse): R VII 26 June 1902 AND Title: India General Service Medal; Crimea Medal; China Medal; Indian Mutiny Medal; Ashantee Medal; South Africa Medal; Egypt Medal; Khedive's Bronze Star; Turkish Crimea Medal Date: 1854; 1854; 1860; 1857-1858; 1879; 1877-1879; 1882-1889; 1882-1889; 1855 Nine court mounted miniature medals awarded to Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley (from left to right): Second Indian General service medal 1854, with bar "Pegu"; Crimea Medal 1854-56, with bar, "Sebastopol"; China medal 1857-60, with bars "Pekin 1860" and "Taku Forts 1860"; Indian mutiny medal 1857-58, with bars "Relief of Lucknow" and "Lucknow"; Ashanti Medal 1879, with bar "Coomassie"; South Africa Medal with bar "1879"; Egypt Medal 1882-89, with bar "Alexandria 11th July"; Khedives Star 1882-89; Turkish Crimea Medal 1855. Transcript of text on India General Service Medal: [bar] PEGU [medal] VICTORIA REGINA Transcript on Crimea Medal: [bar] SEBASTOPOL [medal] VICTORIA REGINA 1854 Transcript on China Medal: [upper band] PEKIN 1860 [lower band] TAKU FORTS 1860 [medal] ARMIS EXPOSCERE PACEM CHINA Transcript on Indian Mutiny Medal: [upper band] [--]LIEEOFLUCKNOW [lower band] LUCKNOW [medal] VICTORIA REGINA A and H Transcript on Ashantee Medal: [bar] COOMASSIE: [medal] VICTORIA REGINA Transcript on South Africa Medal: [band] 1879 [medal] VICTORIA REGINA Transcript on Egypt Medal: [bar] ALEXANDRIA II :: JULY [medal] VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX Transcript on Khedive's Bronze Star: [medal] EGYPT 1882 [text in Arabic script] Transcript on Turkish Crimea Medal: [medal] CRIMEA 1885 Due to Glenbow Museums Ownership I cannot post pictures...… Mike
  10. If you read his bio on line you can see a list of his medals...….
  11. Thank You I am sure that it is greatly appreciated......
  12. Hi Noor...... The following is from FMP and it looks like you will have to go to national archives..... Mike First name(s) Oliver Macklem Last name Denison Rank Lieutenant Regiment The Prince Of Wales's Leinster Regiment Year 1903-21 Archive The National Archives Archive reference WO 374/19184 Series WO 374 Series description Wo 374 - Officers' Services, First World War, Personal Files Record set British Army Service Records Category Military Service & Conflict Subcategory Regimental & Service Records Collections from Great Britain, UK None
  13. Good Day Everyone...… Just thought you might like to see some items that were found in local Estate Sale..... Have not done any research yet..... All named to a John Drummond.... 1) Victorian Commission Scroll 2) An Scarlet Officers Tunic (all buttons are Silver) 3) Pair of Lieutenant Colonel's Chain Mail Epaulets (Crown - Silver / Pip - Gold and Silver) 4) Photo of owner of above wearing Blues, buttons on uniform The Royal Scots, same as on Scarlet Tunic Mike
  14. 3Hello Simon...... I have to agree with you that I also have never seen chain epaulets to an infantry unit..... When in the service I used to have to wear them on my mess dress uniform..... Have not learned much yet except that the family called me back today as they had found some sports medals he had won, 1895 Pistol 1st and Tug of War 1890, 3rd, the trouble is they do not have any information.... His name is so common that in FMP I get 100's of hits...... Mike
  15. Well you learn something new every day...... Thanks Neville...... Still have never seen one before...... Mike
  16. Good Morning Everyone...... Boy am I way out of my field..... I have found the following Russian Badges and do not know if they are real/good or not...... Can anyone please advise..... They all have screw backs one is missing the dome and one had the post broken..... The silver cross I have cleaned because it was as black as the ace of spades..... Normally I would not ask but is there any value...... Thanks in advance..... Mike

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    Here you go...... Killed in training accident...... Second Lieutenant PRESTON, MAXWELL EDDEN Died 23/09/1918 Aged 19 32nd Training Depot Station Royal Air Force Son of Edmund Albert and Julia Emma Preston, of 8, St. Paul's Place, Canonbury, London.
  18. From either Burma or Thailand depending on age...... M......
  19. This is a Troopers Helmet....... An Officers would have a band of Oak or Laurel leaves on the peak...... Mike
  20. Sorry but this is not a military medal but could be for just about anything, i.e. a Boxing Medal as it looks the shape of one my Grand Father has/d........ As shown being worn on a watch chain........ It was a very common thing to wear them until wrist watches came out...... In fact I have one on a watch chain the I wear...... Mike
  21. Good Afternoon Mike...... Many years ago I worked in a local veterans hospital and I also remember meeting a Boer War vet who served in the Imp Yeo. and I remember his saying that over 100 of them arrived in SA and they were issued a dozen horses..... They were mostly office clerks and shop workers and had never ridden a horse in his life neither had many others..... During the war he got to know a number of Canadians and after the war came to Canada instead of going back to UK..... The missing medals: Q.S.A. WANT LIST: Any CANADIAN UNITS CAVALRY: 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards and 4th (The Queen's Own) Hussars ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY: E, F, I, J, K, O, R, Batteries ROYAL NAVY: H.M.S. Beagle and H.M.S. Widgeon SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTABULARY (Following Specific Men) 2102 3rd CLASS TROOPER CHARLES WILLIAM RYALL 2072 1st CLASS TROOPER WILLIE HERBERT GIBBONS 3420 3rd CLASS TROOPER HAROLD FALTENHINE 2090 1st CLASS TROOPER RICHARD DOUGLAS MUIR 2120 3rd CLASS TROOPER CLAUDE LESLIE YOUNG Mike Just remembered this Mike...... Mike
  22. Good Morning Mike...... Yes you are correct as far as I know but then again I can be proved wrong and keep learning something..... I have been also collecting QSA's for nearly 50 years and working on the impossible..... Getting at least a single to every unit that served..... I am missing 2 Navy and 2 Cavalry, really hard ones to find and lots of Imp Yeo, SA, Colonial as well...... Mike
  23. Hello Canrobert......... Suggest you look here: http://www.steppingforwardlondon.org/the-kings-colonials-imperial-yeomanry.html They did not see service in the Boer War as a unit...... Mike
  24. Hello Alan....... All I can say is good luck in your search..... They lists would be held in/at the National Archives in Kew and there may be a list at the RN Museum..... To get the mans documents you will need his number and since it is WW2 and later you would have to make a submission to the MOD..... My suggestion is to post your request on the British Medal Forum at the following..... http://www.britishmedalforum.com Mike P.S. Maybe if you spelt it Yangtze you might have better luck......
  25. Cannot find any unit with initials P. of L. T. S. and I agree that the C.J.L. is a name...... Mike