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  1. Gentlemen I hate to burst your bubble but my group is exactly correct and perhaps I was unclear in my last post. I did not say anything about men were having already awarded gongs replaced by the CD what I said was the CD replaced all old British type long service medals. Any who enlisted post the cut off date (which was just before the start of WW2) had no choice but had to accept the CD as they were no longer eligible for the former British type awards. Those who had service before the cut off date, which was 1 September 1939, had the option to go for the old type awards or elect to get the CD. Some officers like RCN officers were not eligible for any LS recognition prior to the CD and perhaps army officers of the permanent force fall into that category as well and this will explain the next bit of my post. Anyway if you care to look at General Orders the first listing for the CD is GO198 (1950) and in that GO there are 24 General Officers officers who received the second clasp to their CD - so a KG CD with 2 KC clasps. Most of the subsequent CD GO's (prior to 1953) also have clasps awarded to the KG CD. So while not common there are many instances of a KC clasp to a GVI CD. I hope that clarifies it? Ed
  2. Quite possibly an elected award. When the CD was introduced in 1950 those working toward LS medals requiring longer periods of service were allowed to opt for the CD instead but they had to have been serving prior to the start of WW2. Ed
  3. From a previous post on this thread "For Canada, the Volunteer Decoration was awarded between 1894-1901 when it was superseded by the Colonial Auxilliary Forces Officers Decoration awarded til 1930 when the Efficiency Decoration was then established." In 40+ years of collecting I've never seen nor heard of a Volunteer Decoration or medal awarded to a Canadian unit. I would be most interested in hearing of any such award that is supported by the man's record. Ed
  4. The GVI CD was only awarded for a short while. It is impossible for anybody to have received a CD bar with a King's crown. The above statement made in a previous post is not correct. While not common there are many examples of GVI CDs with KC clasp. In fact I have two in my personal collection. Ed
  5. Excellent stuff Clive thanks for sharing. I especially like the helmets.....
  6. Sailor Ed

    Navy Hat & Tally

    Nice find but of course you know the tally would not be wartime wear. Sailor Ed