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  1. indian rank on medal

    Weighman? http://www.empirefaithwar.com/tell-their-story/research-your-soldier/helpful-guides/indian-army-abbreviations/ Cheers Larry
  2. Lost Nazi Gold

    Sounds very similar to the story in Poland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_gold_train Cheers Larry
  3. A sweet piece of Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin porcelain. :D Cheers Larry
  4. Thank you Paul. How prevalent would that have been? Cheers Larry
  5. I am wondering how this worked out. The man was a Polish mechanic serving with - apparently - 164 Sqn which were Argentinian volunteers. Did this happen? Were people seconded out like that? All help appreciated. Cheers Larry
  6. That's my lot!

    Sweet Cheers Larry
  7. Interesting Where did you find it? Cheers Larry
  8. Just a little something

    ....inspired by the iconic picture of Joachim Peiper on his way to Malmedy December 1944.
  9. Star of Pakistan

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nishan-e-Pakistan Cheers Larry
  10. Short of tracing the members service number and name, I feel it would be hard to place a Regiment to it. I feel this was a "sweetheart' gift....though the inclusion of the service number is unusual..... Cheers Larry
  11. PAKISTAN -- Tamgha-i-Diffa, 1948--

    Hello Duncan Welcome to the forum I have never seen one with the swivel mount either. I do believe that the solid suspension is the "official" issue. I would be interested in seeing pictures of those.....the Manipur clasps that is.. Cheers Larry
  12. The front is an enamel "Sweetheart" type version of the RCAC badge used during the Second World War; it was generally used as a cap badge for those soldiers in training not yet assigned to a specific regiment. Cheers Larry
  13. He is wearing what appears to be a Feldmutze which was initially issued in 1943 , and is showing the Heer eagle on his helmet. In 1940 the red, white, and black national colors decal was ordered removed from existing helmets. On August 28th of 1943 an order was issued to no longer apply decals to helmets....... Just my 2¢ Something to look at; the goggles, are they old or new?........ Cheers Larry