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  1. Hello, Would like opinions on this Soviet State Prize. Thanks John http://collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=33130
  2. Hello, Would like opinions on this Socialist Labor Order. I have never seen one of these and know next to nothing about them. It would be great to own one of these though as I like the design Thanks John http://collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=33130
  3. Never seen one of these although I've always wanted one but couldn't afford it and would like some opinions on it Thanks John
  4. So you bought it? Enjoy it and hopefully one day it can be identified
  5. What are yall's opinions on this Navy ribbon bar? Its in excellent condition. Any issues to be concerned about? Thanks John
  6. It appears that this bar cant be identified. I would have loved to seen who owned it
  7. Hello, I would like to get this award as I've always wanted the gold version of the commanders cross 1st class but never could afford it. I would like more opinions on this piece however as i've never held one or seen too many except online Thanks John
  8. Ive always wanted one of these but never had the money. Ive never seen one in person so I would like any opinions yall have on this piece Thanks John
  9. Could the top bar be identified? the last ribbon is the Order of the White Elephant Thanks John
  10. Here are some closeups of the bar. High ranking? Identifiable? Thanks John
  11. Could any of these ribbon bars be identified? (I know the middle one cant be so just the others) Thanks John
  12. Hello, I got this bar at the Wilmington show and would like to try to see if we can identify it. I dont know if it can be but if so I would like to ask for yall's help it finding the original owner. Any help is appreciated Thanks John
  13. I need to know if it's good and if it can be identified soon as I'm only going to be here at the show for a few hours Thanks John
  14. Hello, Im at the OMSA Wilmington show and would like some opinions on these groupings. Any help is appreciated Thanks John